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Eastern Shore Blend


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Our newest crab cake blend- and dare we say most delicious- is inspired by old recipes from the Eastern Shore. This specialty mix consists of ALL of the meat from the blue crab- lump, backfin, and claw! The sweetness of the claw in harmony with Jimmy’s signature spices and ingredients makes this a delicacy that’s here to stay.

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37 reviews for Eastern Shore Blend

  1. Crystal Parker (verified owner)

    Crab Cake was huge and delicious. Super easy to ship to celebrate my son’s birthday in Florida.

  2. James Wagner (verified owner)

    After the first or second bite my wife looked up at me and said we are going to order these again next week.

  3. Andre’ Coleman (verified owner)

    Thank you Jimmy’s. You seem to find new ways to make crab cakes better. This was the first time trying the Eastern Shore Blend. This was an excellent crab cake. There was a unique texture that came together well. Great job again Jimmy’s.

  4. Beverly Majors

    My brother lives in Panama City Florida. He orders from Jimmy’s Famous Seafood regularly at least 2 to 3 times a month. I live here and don’t visit that often.

  5. Brandon Hannan (verified owner)

    Yummy! Bigg fatt flavorfully Lump Crab Chunks. .

  6. Susan S. (verified owner)

    Crab cake was very good and delicious!!!

  7. Janis Woolsey (verified owner)

    Crab cake was delicious!! Originally from Maryland now living in the South, love getting Maryland seafood and Jimmy never disappoints! Will definitely get again! Excellent packaging….everything arrived cold.

  8. David Cooper, Sr/ (verified owner)

    Shipping was better than expected, everything was still frozen/
    As to crab cakes they were good, but being a previous Marylander raised on the Easternshore, I was disappointed in the ratio of real lump to special mix. The crab soup was quite good.

  9. Tony West (verified owner)

    I purchased the crab cakes (4 pack) and sent them to a Navy buddy in Chicago as a gift. His response was very positive. “The best I’ve eaten.” He will now begin ordering from Jimmy’s. BZ (Navy term for “WELL DONE”).

  10. David

    very tasty

  11. Kathy Wong (verified owner)

    I usually buy the Collosal Lump crab cakes but decided to try the Eastern blend due to the recent rise in cost of the collosal crab cakes. I found the Eastern blend to be saltier tasting than the collosals. Wondering if the seasoning is the same but bc the crab meat pieces are smaller it tastes salter. Maybe needs less seasoning? We couldn’t finish all the crab cake and used the leftovers to make crab cake omelettes. They were delicious and more longer too salty. Regardless, they are much better crab cakes than one can get elsewhere. I would get Eastern blend to use as ingredient in my cooking. But get the collosals to eat as standlone crab cake appetizer or main course.

  12. Steve (verified owner)

    Shipping to Washington State was exactly as advertised, but the Eastern Shore blend was just “okay” in my opinion. If I order again I’ll go back to the jumbo crab cakes, which I’ve bought previously, despite the price increase.

  13. Bob Brown (verified owner)

    This Crabcake was just like the ones that my Mother made when I was a child. I still prefer the Jumbo Lump Crabcakes, but these were Great and the Price is Right.

  14. Bob Brown (verified owner)

    The Cream of Crab soup was very delicious and had quite a bit of crab meat in it. I will definitely be ordering this soup again…Thank You Jimmy!

  15. Cap’n Joe (verified owner)

    My kids loved ’em! I served them with grits, and they ate every bite. I thought they were delicious, but I think I’m still partial to the jumbo lump cakes. You can’t beat that Eastern Shore Blend price.

  16. Judith Murdoch (verified owner)

    Jimmy’s never lets me down. The Eastern Shore Blend is a fantastic addition to the other options.
    Hubby loves when I mix in a little cream cheese with the crabcake mix and spread it on soft pretzels for him. Mmm!
    And we have never questioned the safety of the delivery. My ice packs are still half frozen upon arrival.

  17. Mike Sullivan (verified owner)

    Eastern Shore Blend crab cakes are delicious! As with everything we’ve ever ordered from Jimmy’s! Even the steaks are fabulous!

  18. Lorenzo P Phillips (verified owner)

    Outstanding crab cake. It was fresh and plentiful. No fillers, all crab!!

  19. Sam Karr (verified owner)

    Lived in MD for over 40 years, bought these Crab Cakes they are Great!!! Had delivered to my Home in Myrtle Beach , I wish I could leave a picture!! 100% Crab

  20. Stewart &Gloria Barisse (verified owner)

    We used this service for the first time to send our sister in Virginia Beach a taste of Baltimore for her birthday. She loved the crab cake and the soup. There was an issue with the delivery and the team at Jimmy’s took care of the issue and my sister was so surprised and very happy.

    Thank you

  21. ANNALISE J WILLIAMS (verified owner)

    This was our first time ever ordering from Jimmy’s and we were all very impressed with the quality and can’t wait to place another order. — we ordered both the Eastern Shore Blend and the Junior Lump and both were a hit at our gathering. The packaging is very well thought out! From the ordering process, to shipping, to oven and table…this was amazing.

  22. Diana Watson (verified owner)

    The crab cake blend 64oz tub exceeded expectations – sweet, tender, delicious. I appreciated the scoop and directions for serving. My guests were impressed. I would order again any day.

  23. Chanda (verified owner)

    I was upset when I saw the one container for the crab cake because I had ordered two. I thought I was missing a container of crab cake, but realized once I start to prepare them it was enough for two. Let me just say the crab cake was delicious. My mother even enjoyed the crab cake. She said they was welled season. Did not need anything on them. Yes, I would order again. And by the way it was packaged real good and everything was fresh. Let me just say I am a picky person,so when I say something is delicious … it’s delicious….

  24. chris a kreipl (verified owner)

    I sent these to my brother in nc and I asked him how he like his christmas gift and he replied “Awesome”
    This makes me happy to have gifted a winner!
    Thank You JImmys

  25. Matt Murphy (verified owner)

    Incredible. I ordered these from two states away, and with the spot-on instructions that came with them, it was like we were eating at the restaurant. Whether the Eastern Shore Blend or traditional, Jimmy’s crabcakes are tough to beat.

  26. Jason Black (verified owner)

    Grew up on Eastern Shore Crab Cakes. These things are legit. Many great seafood shops and restaurants around Baltimore and the Eastern Shore. No does it as good as Jimmy’s. Shipped these to Broken Arrow Oklahoma and they were the star of our Christmas dinner. Righteously delicious!!!!!!

  27. Kirk Weiland (verified owner)

    I have been purchasing the crabcakes for business clients and decided it was finally time to order something personally. WOW, I did not make a mistake in ordering the crabcake egg rolls. They were delicious and just makes you want to come back for more! Jimmies Seafood .. You are ROCKIN IT!

  28. jerseydevil0017 (verified owner)

    I bought the crab cakes for my father who is 81 and has suffered 2 strokes. The stokes affected his mouth so eating meats has become a hassle for him. The crab meat is large , soft, juicy, full of flavor and something he has been asking for. So, I made sure he got it! And the joy that was shown on his face told me he was overwhelmed with happiness. He ate 2 6oz cakes with a side of mash potatoes. It’s the most he has eaten in a long time. The container the crab meat came in is 64oz so there was plenty of crab meat left over to make additional crab cakes that we froze for future dinners for him. I want to that you for providing the public with a delicious and wonderful product! It made my family happy to see my father happy and Satisfied.

  29. Kerry Golson (verified owner)

    We’ve ordered from Jimmy’s several times. Our favorite are the crab cakes. This time we ordered 64 ounces of the Eastern Shore blend. Absolutely Delicious, Delicious, Delicious! Lump crab meat with NO fillers!

  30. James Peters (verified owner)


  31. Judith Murdoch (verified owner)

    Received my most recent order exactly as promised. This Maryland girl (relocated to SW Florida) is always happy when the Jimmy’s box arrives.
    The Eastern Shore Crabcake blend is really good and flavorful.

  32. Al Greaver (verified owner)

    Eastern Crab cake wasn’t nearly as your lump crab cakes.

  33. kenfen13 (verified owner)

    Jimmys Eastern Shore Blend were simply delicious. We cooked them as per the instruction and they came out perfectly. I’ve ordered Crab Cakes from other eastern shore places thru the years, but yours are at the top of the list.

  34. Bob Brown (verified owner)

    I previously ordered 1/2 Gallon of Eastern Shore Blend and they turned out to be very delicious! I also ordered 4 pints of Maryland Crab Soup and again, the soup was like my grandmother made when I was a kid…very good. I tried the stuffed shrimp and they were exceptional large shrimp than I expected…very filling. I was born and raised in East Baltimore and am a big fan of Jimmy’s Famous. I moved away from Baltimore to settle in Orlando due to work issues in 1985. I have ordered from Jimmy’s for the past few years and will continue to enjoy the great seafood that Jimmy’s has to offer. Great Job, keep up the Good Work! Thanks You.

  35. Mikel Weber (verified owner)

    Ordered four of these crab cakes for the the first time. 3 of the 4 had shells in them. We also ordered the lump crab cakes and they were delicious as good as they were on our trip. I’d skip the Eastern Shore and order the lump.

  36. Krista Hill (verified owner)

    My husband, an Eastern Shore native who grew up in and around his family’s crab packing houses in south Dorchester County, heavily judges all crab dishes, especially crab cakes, against his mother, grandmother and aunt’s dishes. I ordered these for Christmas dinner and once he tried them, he could NOT stop raving about how good they were and how impressed he was!!! We WILL be getting these again!!

  37. Michelle Kinser (verified owner)

    Ordered crab cakes and dip for my daughter’s birthday. Both were delicious! Already placed another order.

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