Gluten Free Crab Cakes

Gluten Free Maryland Crab Cakes


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Four World’s Best Colossal Maryland Crab Cakes prepared using a blend of colossal, jumbo lump and regular lump fresh crabmeat Maryland style. *We are not gluten-free certified*

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14 reviews for Gluten Free Maryland Crab Cakes

  1. Denette Thomas (verified owner)

    I absolutely love the gluten-free crab cakes. The taste is excellent! They are definitely colossal in size and filled with lumb crabmeat lightly seasoned to perfection. I have purchased them multiple times and I will continue to enjoy them.

  2. Mitch O’quin (verified owner)

    Being from New Orleans, I was skeptical when a friend told me Jimmys had the Best crabcakes available. I thought we were Tops- but my opinion has changed. Jimmy’s crab cakes are Best in Class. laissez le bon temps rouler- Thanks Jimmy.

  3. Brenda Boultwood (verified owner)

    Wonderful gift. Beautiful Maryland crabcakes arrived in CA in great condition. The gluten-free crab cakes were a hit!

  4. Cheryl A Snow (verified owner)

    The crab cakes are delicious and I was skeptical because I am from New Orleans, but you all have changed my mind. They were definitely delicious. Will be ordering again.

  5. Pat McGhee (verified owner)

    Originally from Baltimore, having relocated to Honolulu nearly 50 years ago, it’s been the Maryland crab cakes I’ve missed the most. A Baltimore friend gifted me Jimmy’s colossal crab cakes and I’ve been ordering them since. They arrive all the way to Hawaii in perfect condition. They are amazing, huge, plenty of lump crabmeat, absolutely delicious. Thank you. What a find!

  6. Vanessa Davis (verified owner)

    The gluten free crab cakes are huge and delicious. Jimmie’s has the best crab cakes! I’ve shared them with my family and friends and are all loyal customers.

  7. Lisa August (verified owner)

    The entire family LOVES Jimmy’s Gluten Free Colossal Maryland Crab Cakes. We send them to our family who relocated to Sarasota, Florida and they arrive in perfect condition & are such an anticipated delicious treat! Thanks to Jimmy’s – I have ‘favorite child’ status!

  8. Joanne (verified owner)

    Fabulous real MD crab cakes and gluten free too! We are from Annapolis now living in FL so when we need a fix, I order these. This was my husband’s request for his Father’s Day dinner.

  9. Mala Tominack (verified owner)

    I have a relative who is gluten intolerant. Got these crab cakes for their birthday. The crab cakes were a huge hit! Delicious!

  10. Janice Ketchum (verified owner)

    BEST CRABCAKES EVER! I was on a work trip when I discovered Jimmy’s & the rest is history. I grabbed some crab cakes ‘to go’ so I could take them back to Philly for my husband to try & now we ALWAYS order from Jimmy’s. Delicious, packaged very well, & always on schedule. Simply the best!!

  11. Joe Vespucci

    I decided to add crab cakes to our Christmas day feast menu after seeing many positive comments on social media. Hands down these are the best crab cakes I’ve ever eaten. I will be back again…and again!

  12. Stephania Grant (verified owner)

    Your crab cakes are thee best!! I ordered for my three order children and myself. Unfortunately the UPS driver said he delivered to my daughter but didn’t ( she he’s cameras) it’s so unfortunate cause they were suppose to be for Christmas. .. still trying to resolve it, get my money back.?? But we absolutely love your crab cakes.

  13. Rob (verified owner)

    Fantastic Crab Cakes. Best in MD!!

  14. Sandra Barlow (verified owner)

    The crab cakes were awesome! I loved them and will order again. Haven’t cooked the seafood lasagna yet, but can’t wait to try!

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