Meet Our Chef

Tony Minadakis
Chef / Chief Operating Crab

Chef Tony

Antonios Minadakis is the Co-Owner and Executive Chef at Jimmy’s Famous Seafood! As Executive Chef, ‘Tony’ is responsible for bringing all craft culinary visions to fruition. 

In addition to directing day-to-day operations and business development ventures, which include but are not limited to Jimmy’s Food Truck,  Cocktail Trailer and Steam Trailer, brand partnerships, catering, banquets, and sister company Jimmy’s Famous Meals. He also leads the culinary team in developing and executing a frequent rotation of new specialty meals.

Chef Tony was featured four times on The Food Network, wowing Guy Fieri with his signature Colossal Crab Cakes. Since then, he’s battled Bobby Flay, and has been featured on several other national cooking shows, including two appearances on Travel Channel and a feature episode on Ginormous Foods.

His secret?

Quality ingredients and a deep-rooted respect for the history of the business. He stays true to Jimmy’s recipes and work ethic, and strives to advance the family we call The Famous every day.

Tony was, quite literally, raised in the business. Living in an apartment on top of Jimmy’s he would eagerly help founder and his beloved father, Jimmy, since he could walk. He has mastered every position in the industry, beginning as a dishwasher and busser, before eventually making his way into the kitchen, where we strongly feel he belongs. It was there where he discovered his passion for culinary arts, absorbing advice and knowledge like a sponge.