Single Jumbo Lump Maryland Crab Cake 8oz


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Handmade Colossal Lump Jumbo Fresh Maryland Style Crab Cakes.

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42 reviews for Single Jumbo Lump Maryland Crab Cake 8oz

  1. Terri Kiechle (verified owner)

    It was HUGE. Very good but HUGE!

  2. Denise Romano (verified owner)

    Bought this for a birthday present for my son. He lives in Chicago now (got a job there after college) and I wanted to send him something from home. He LOVED the crabcakes. I also sent him the crab dip. Everything arrived right on time with no issues. He was thrilled! I will be sending more food from Jimmy’s in the future. Thank you Jimmy’s for giving my son a taste of home!!

  3. Theresa Holmes (verified owner)

    Omg! The crab cakes were so good! There are no fillers and it’s all crab meat. The order arrived on time and perfectly packed. I will definitely order more. Before I finished eating I contacted family and friends and told them to order…the price is definitely with it. Don’t think, just buy it. You’ll love them!

  4. Joy Robbins (verified owner)

    Sent this as a gift to my brother because I have had them. He found it to be just as amazing as I did. It’s honestly difficult to get on a pan to cook because there is ZERO filler…it’s ALL sweet lump crab meat. Absolutely delicious!

  5. Ben Bloomstone (verified owner)

    Having ordered the crab cakes and soup several times during the pandemic to lift our spirits, we thought they would make a great gift for our brother in law’s birthday. They sure did!! He couldn’t believe the lack of filler in the crab cake and although the soup is completely decadent—hey, it’s your birthday!! You folks are awesome. Delivery is dependable and the food is consistently spectacular. Look forward to our next order and we’re definitely trying the crab “egg”rolls no matter what…YOLO!!

  6. Terri V. (verified owner)

    The crab cake was awesome!!!! We ordered for Mother’s Day. I would definitely order again. It’s one of the best Crab Caje we ever had.

  7. Kevin M (verified owner)

    Ordered a couple of crab cakes to be sent to my Mom for Mother’s Day! Her only complaint was the crab cakes were so big and delicious, that she had to eat them over several days! Apologize, Jimmy!

  8. CarolAnn Curran (verified owner)

    I visited Jimmy’s on vacation and their crab cakes are the most amazing I’ve ever had! I sent them to my parents for Mother’s Day and my Dad’s birthday. They absolutely loved them. They, too, haven’t had a better crab cake!!! We will order again and again!

  9. Robin Auer (verified owner)

    The crab cakes and crab soup was a birthday gift for my son who lives in California. We did the two day shipping and the order arrived the second day by 3pm west coast time and perfectly packed! He said the crab cakes were large and amazing and the soup was seasoned to perfection! He also loved that they included cooking instructions. Such a treat for his favorite Maryland meal. Delivery is 100% dependable and the food was 5+ stars. I will def order again with no hesitation. Shipping cost was also reasonable.

  10. Michelle Calkins (verified owner)

    Had two of these sent for my birthday! They were the best crab cakes we have ever had. There is hardly any filler and they were fresh as can be! Everything was packaged well and the ice was still frozen.

  11. Michelle P. (verified owner)

    Love the crab cakes- they are da bomb!
    Just read that they can be frozen up to 2 weeks. So glad to know that.

  12. Macon Uskurait (verified owner)

    Delicious. Packed well. Will definitely reorder.

  13. Mike Sego (verified owner)

    Not just the best crab cake in Maryland, the best in the USA!!! Jimmys rules!!

  14. Gail J (verified owner)

    No other word but YUMMY describes these crab cakes!!! All crab meat that was delicious. I will be ordering again.

  15. Laurie Leo (verified owner)

    I ordered them for my husband and some other guests on Fathers Day and everyone loved them. They were a huge hit. Will definitely Ave ordering again.

  16. Jeff Adler (verified owner)

    Saw them on triple D and ordered. It was absolutely amazing! Super professional packaging, shipping, directions on cooking. One of the most well organized tasty foods we’ve ever ordered.

  17. Kelly (verified owner)

    Absolutely delicious! The lump crabmeat was HUGE and was well worth the money. These crab cakes made the perfect Father’s Day dinner. I will definitely purchase them again in the future.

  18. Mary Misiorski (verified owner)

    Really no filler to speak of. These crab cakes were amazing!! I will definitely go back to Jimmy’s when ordering crab cakes . . . great job and thank you for offering such a quality product.

  19. Tim Wise (verified owner)

    If I could give a ranking higher than five stars I would. We got a bounty of seafood for the 4th of July weekend. The steamed crabs were perfect, the cream of crab soup was delicious and the crab egg rolls were insane. The customer service is second to none and the care that Jimmy’s shows for their fellow restaurants and community makes this a business to proudly support.

  20. Lakeisha (verified owner)

    Just order more that explains it all

  21. Ernie Tolley (verified owner)

    The Crab Cakes were superb. Would definitely order again. Only one issue and that is the delivery. Delivery was supposed to occur between 2:45pm and 4:45pm. UPS did not deliver until 6:45pm. Our 6pm dinner plans with family became an 8:15pm dinner. UPS tracking showed that crab cakes were put on truck at 6:30am—so they weren’t delivered for 12 hours and 15 minutes. Not only did it delay our dinner plans I find it disconcerting that a perishable item is on a truck that long before actual delivery— I realize they are packed in ice but they were 2 hours late arriving. This needs to be considered when hosting a dinner. Delivery was only issue- the crab cakes were delicious

  22. Martin Lawson (verified owner)

    The crabcakes were fantastic!

  23. Janis and Barry Miller (verified owner)


  24. Chris Clafferty (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered crab cakes as gifts twice in the last 2 months. Both recipients were extremely happy with the surprise delivery. Each time the crab cakes were delivered on time and they were fresh and very cold (one delivery was to the Fl Keys and the other to California).

  25. Maria konrath (verified owner)

    bought this for my 25th wedding anniversary .
    My Husband said this was the best thing of our 25 years together. 😂
    Well worth the money . Arrived fresh and on time.

  26. Sarah Reeke (verified owner)

    Sent to my brother in California for a birthday present- His response was it was outstanding

  27. jessie lane

    This was my first delectable crab cake from Jimmy’s. OMG, it was the absolute best that I have “ever” had! Several years ago, I had order some crab cakes for my college BFF for her birthday — but I had never tried them. Shame on me — for missing out on this one-of-a-kind delicacy.

  28. Linda (verified owner)

    Instructions were not clear with regard to amounts. I called for clarification and was told the amounts were for one 8oz cake. I made 2 so doubled the amounts. The cakes were swimming in butter and water. The cakes were delicious but swimming in liquid so never crisped up.

  29. Scott D Vannoy (verified owner)

    Your crab cakes and cream of crab soup is unbelievable. My daughter used to live in Baltimore, then moved back to Pittsburgh. We buy from you often for mainly crab cakes but everything is delicious. Good deals on shipping and the shipment comes very quick and everything is cold and fresh on arrival. Thank you very much!!

  30. Marsha M (verified owner)

    I sent 2 crab cakes to a family member for their birthday. Sent some DMV seafood to NJ. She loved them and how fresh it was .

  31. Connie Spicer (verified owner)

    The crab cakes were amazing as always. My husband is from Maryland and is very particular about crab cakes. His birthday was this weekend, so I made sure to order some for him. We have ordered from Jimmy’s several times and they are always wonderful.

  32. Edward D Henson (verified owner)

    I ordered 2 of the colossal crab cakes they came like clockwork 2 days later. Tightly packed in dry ice. My wife who is the cook took the cakes out of the packing and cut them in half. We then had 4 nice size crabcakes she followed the enclosed instructions to the letter they came out golden brown and made for a very tasty delicious thanksgiving. Highly recommend shipping costs a little high but worth it.

  33. Diane Morgan (verified owner)

    Amazing! This was a gift for a friend and it was nicely packaged and delivered as expected. She said the crabcakes were huge and absolutely delicious!

  34. Laura Cassiday (verified owner)

    Sent crab cakes to the in laws in Illinois for Christmas dinner. They said it was some of the best food they’ve ever eaten! We love Jimmy’s seafood

  35. Natasha Williams (verified owner)

    Best crab cake ever!

  36. Piper Kottmann (verified owner)

    What a TREAT! We ordered crab cakes and crab dip and tarter sauce for New Years. Everything was delicious. Our delivery came a day early and the packaging is perfect. Do not hesitate and go order right now!

  37. Jennifer Stevenson (verified owner)

    These crab cakes were delicious! They were fresh with HUGE lump crab meat and arrived quickly. This meal took me right back to my days living in Baltimore. I highly recommend and will be ordering again very soon!

  38. Glenn Smith (verified owner)

    The cake was Colossal, but the lumps were not; too much shredded crab meat and smaller pieces.

  39. Marlee Burdette (verified owner)

    Exactly as expected…DELICIOUS and little, if any, filler. Will definitely buy again.

  40. james glosa (verified owner)

    I was skeptical at first. I was surprised with the quality and quantity. I will be a return customer

  41. Dave Moxey

    Sent two of these crab cakes, two pints of cream of crab and a pound of colossal shrimp to my sister and her husband in SC and they absolutely loved it all!! They are former MD residents so they REALLY appreciated it all! Thanks Jimmy’s for bringing some MD spirit to my family once again!! Excellent job!!

  42. Michelle Souder (verified owner)

    Above and beyond. You’ve spoiled me for any other seafood delivery place out there. The cakes were so meaty and almost completely devoid of filler. So good!!!!

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