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  • 100% Maryland-Style Blue Crab Meat
  • Jimmy’s Famous Award-Winning Original Family Recipe
  • Flash Frozen and Delivered Fresh to Your Door

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316 reviews for Jumbo Lump Maryland Crab Cakes

  1. Kwiat (verified owner)

    We have ordered these for the first time for Christmas. They were so amazing we ordered again for Valentines. This last order was for an 80th birthday present. I can’t say enough how absolutely wonderful they are.

  2. Janet Perri (verified owner)

    My husband ; I LOVE the crabcakes! It’s our treat to order & enjoy! Worth it! The best I think I ever have eaten!👍👍👍👍👍👍

  3. Mala Tominack (verified owner)

    These crabcakes are simply the best- lots of large lumps of crabmeat and very little filler. We enjoy them baked.

  4. Mary Meloro (verified owner)

    YUMMM…. super lump crab cakes! Sent as a birthday gift. Excellent service and great delivery on the exact date I picked. Can’t beat the service!

  5. DeeDee (verified owner)

    These were ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS! I’m from Southern Maryland but haves lived in upstate New York for years. What they pass off as Maryland style crab cakes really aren’t at all. So it was a real treat to have the real deal. It was my first time ordering from Jimmy’s, but it def won’t be the last time!!

  6. Tom of Claremore, Okalhoma

    excellent service

  7. Mary Cupp (verified owner)

    Our second batch, and as great as the first! Excellent delivery and the ice was still frozen even after crossing the country. The 8 oz was enough to make two crab cakes for two of us, for a birthday treat! Easy to do and easy to cook. The instructions were spot on. A taste of heaven. Thank you.

  8. Ting Lee (verified owner)

    I treated my sister to 4 colossal crab cakes who lives in NY..Her reply was…That’s the greatest tastiest crab cakes she has ever had. Mind you she travels all over working for an airline company. By the way the shipping service was excellent. So treat your love ones who doesn’t live here to a great treat.

  9. Rosa Williams (verified owner)

    10 out of 10

  10. Thomas Balzer (verified owner)

    Wow! The crab cakes were delicious. We loved them so much the first night, we had them again the next night! Next time we go up your way we would love to go to your restaurant. Until then, we’ll order online!

  11. D. Swinson (verified owner)

    This fabulous go to gift is the best! I have ordered the 4 colossal crab cakes 5 times now. They have been sent to Florida, Colorado, Delaware, and yes-Baltimore. They are great as thank you gifts and thinking of you gifts. The recipients are all from the Maryland area and love receiving a reminder of the best crab cakes anywhere! Thanks again!

  12. Joan (verified owner)

    The crab cakes were amazing!! Ordering more now!

  13. Dr. Laurie (verified owner)

    Awesome crab cakes! All crab, no fluff just the way I like them!! They are well seasoned and come with perfect cooking instructions.

  14. Tami

    Received as a gift. Best crab cakes i’ve ever eaten. I live near Baltimore so i will definitely visit the restaurant.

  15. Cynthia Stewart (verified owner)

    I order at lesst once from Jimmy’s. I usually order crab cakes to be shipped to my home address. Great food with prices

  16. Douglas Hall

    If it pleases the mother-in-law then it must be awesome. She has been so disappointed at restaurants over the years when we order crab cakes that I decided to give her Jimmy’s Crab Cakes. So, I bought her Jimmy’s Crab Cakes and she said “they are the best she ever had” with a huge smile on her face. That says a lot for her critical foodie personality. You can’t go wrong with Jimmy’s crab cakes. The whole family goes nuts over these cakes.

  17. Colleen Dalcanton (verified owner)

    Perfect. Made my Easter dinner a success!

  18. John Lamon (verified owner)

    Sent Crab Cakes to my son in San Jose – made his Easter weekend so GREAT!! Said they were the best ever and could I send more!……Of course!!

  19. Sandy Carbotti (verified owner)

    Easter in California with MD crab cakes from Jimmy’s..what could be better😄

  20. Darryl G. (verified owner)

    Just GREAT!!! We enjoyed them to the fullest!

  21. Theresa H

    The crab cakes are so good! They were easy to prepare and huge. There’s no fillers it’s all crab meat. It’s worth the buy.

  22. Kerry (verified owner)

    You can’t go wrong with these crab cakes, all lump crab meat, no extra fillers, simply delicious. As a Marylander living out of state, I order them and have them shipped often, they are a little taste of home.

  23. Marny Britt (verified owner)

    I’m from Maryland now living in NC and miss my REAL Maryland crabcakes! I’ve ordered from several places in MD and these were by far the best and at a very reasonable price. Full of sweet lumps of tender crab. Well seasoned but not overpowering to let the crab be the star! Will be ordering again! And again! And then again!

  24. Teresa (verified owner)

    These Crab Cakes are the best I just received my second order and so excited. To order online and get delivery to my home is great, the freshness and meaty cakes is fantastic!

  25. HENRY Mitchell (verified owner)

    Had 6 crab cakes , and one of the Crab Egg Rolls delivered to Cape Coral (Southwest Florida) as always:


  26. Stephanie Pratt (verified owner)

    My Sister and Brother loved the Crab Cakes. They said they were amazing.
    Very very pleased.

  27. Daniel Robert Coffman (verified owner)

    Best crab cakes I’ve ever tasted!! 99% crab meat 1% filler. They come in four plastic containers of 8 ounces each, perfect for making one large crab cake or two 4 ounce cakes. Four ounces were just the right size so I got 8 crab cakes out of my order. Well worth it , I highly recommend “Jimmy’s Crab Cakes”!!!

  28. Jolie Ancel (verified owner)

    I am a native Baltimore gal, now living in Los Angeles. One of the things I miss the most, is the blue crab. I’ve tried crab cakes from restaurants and markets…..they are full of fillers. So not worth it! Jimmy’s crab cakes are all lump crab meat…So delicious….and with free 2-day shipping, it’s such a great taste of home!

  29. Steph Filaski (verified owner)

    OMG, these crabcakes are delicious. Best Crabcake ever. Very fresh – great taste and not much filler! Perfect!! Delivered on time. Will buy again.

  30. Stacy Rudnicki (verified owner)

    These people are amazing!! Over and above. We had a problem with a gift order. Not their fault. It was the fault of the delivery service. They went over and above to make it right. It’s no wonder we keep coming back for more! Best crab cakes and best service! Thank you! Stacy from SC

  31. Scott Valentine (verified owner)

    I bought these for my wife’s birthday, they were absolutely awesome!!! 2 crab cakes is a full pound, no breadcrumbs, all crab. Customer service was excellent as well, they took care of everything, we will be back

  32. Nancy (verified owner)

    Ordered super lump crab cakes for my son’s 35th birthday.Delivery great and crab cakes excellent,little filler and true Maryland quality. Will definitely order again!

  33. Dixon Walker (verified owner)

    best crab cakes ever. At our age (80 and 85) we make 3 smaller ones from one colossal and with a salad a healthy and wonderful dinner. Worth the splurge!

  34. Sandra Gallagher (verified owner)

    Best Crab Cakes EVER! Thank you and please continue to make them.

  35. Charleen Shook (verified owner)

    The crab cake were delicious!

  36. Joel Haro (verified owner)

    Absolute treat!!
    Could eat these everyday.

  37. Douglas Verenski (verified owner)

    Crab cakes are second to none!

  38. Tom G (verified owner)

    The second year in a row I ordered these crab cakes for my parent’s birthday’s and the second year in a row I’ve made them very happy. They loved the crabcakes and the shipping was perfect. Always happy to support Jimmy’s!

  39. A. R. Chapman (verified owner)

    Nothing but CRAB! What? I didn’t think I was going to get what I actually received but it was exactly what was advertised, BIG, SWEET, JUICY LUMPS of CRAB lightly seasoned to perfection.*chef’s kiss* I was nervous about ordering but I am so happy I did. These crab cakes are the definition of treat yo’ self!

  40. Michael Stokrp (verified owner)

    My family and I have ordered these multiple times and have loved them every time.

    I lived in Maryland for about 10 years before moving to Florida and after eventually giving up trying to find good legit Maryland crab cakes around here, we began looking online. Thanks to Jimmy’s brilliant Twitter, we found these and finally got a chance to taste home again.

    Great service, fast delivery, and delicious crab cakes.

  41. Tonya Herron (verified owner)

    A Southern Lady introduced to a Northern Cake was the best thing that happens since Peach Cobbler! The Crab Cakes had little filler and filled with lumps of Crabmeat that took the taste and size over the Top! It’s a Monthly purchase. Best Crab Cakes Ever!

  42. Gerald McMinn (verified owner)

    Every single time I order I’m glad I did. Best crab cakes anywhere.

  43. James Herbert (verified owner)

    As a long time resident of Maryland we find it very hard to find “good” crab cakes anywhere. We recently bought a second home in Ft. Myers, Florida and while spending this winter in there we couldn’t find a decent crab cake anywhere. With that said I ordered the Four Colossal Crab Cake package from Jimmy’s knowing we wouldn’t be disappointed. The package came in a few days, on time and well packaged complete with recommended cooking instructions. We gave two of the crab cakes to some new friends that wet met in our new Florida neighborhood and they were pleasantly surprised at the size and taste of the gift. Although we are returning to our Maryland home in May and will have better access to the Maryland Blue Crab, I can’t wait for next winter when we can have those delicious crab cakes shipped to our winter residence.

  44. Russ Kedzierski (verified owner)

    Best crab cake you can buy on the internet. Not to mention free two day shipping.

  45. M-J Dale (verified owner)

    Sent 4 colossal crab cakes to my dear friend who lives in Santa Fe, NM as a birthday gift. She told me they were the BEST she ever had and that it was the BEST gift ever. So delicious! Thank you, Jimmy. xxxxxx

  46. SA Kalinich (verified owner)

    Supreme joy.
    Grew up catching and steaming crabs, so I know #1 jimmies.
    Basically two pounds of jumbo lump, this became one big mound in our baking pan. With a mayo coating, it was the best crab imperial ever. Fed both of us for two days.

  47. Djuan Porter (verified owner)

    The best Crab Cakes on Earth! No doubt about it!

  48. Joe C (verified owner)

    These are the best crab cakes we have ever had!!! This was the 2nd time we have order them and we will be back for more!!!

  49. Dave G. (verified owner)

    Excellent as usual!

  50. Sandy (verified owner)

    Ordered these Crab cakes as early Mother’s Day gift. The recipient was so happy & pleased with the Crabcakes. The quality, nothing but lump crabmeat & how delicious they were. I’m ordering for myself real soon. 👍

  51. Mike (verified owner)

    I was born and raised in Maryland, still live here. I’ve been eating crab cakes since birth.
    I swore them off, including my mother’s, until I had Jimmy’s.
    They simply cannot be beat.

  52. Marilyn Graham 1 (verified owner)

    Man!!! These Crab cakes are Awesomely Awesome! The Best I have ever tasted! I couldn’t rest until I ordered them and talking about fresh and tasty…they are worth every dollar! Summer cut off is so close so I am placing another order until I can travel and go in person! There is very little filler so you get soooo much crab meat!!! Join me…don’t let me eat them all… or try to anyway! ✌🏾

  53. Terence Healy (verified owner)

    I was never a fan of crab cakes until I received a gift of Jimmy’s crab cakes for Christmas. I am now because I would say these are the first real crab cakes I have consumed. I have ordered three times since then and I am never disappointed. Customer service is awesome. Thank you for introducing me to the real crab cake .

  54. Colleen M (verified owner)

    The colossal crab cakes are by far the best crab cakes I’ve ever eaten! Will definitely buy again!

  55. Matthew James Cox (verified owner)

    BEST EVER Daughter and I loved the crab cakes.

  56. Phillip (verified owner)

    Got these for my parents and they loved them! There was one left over and mom loved it so much she called and told me it was the best breakfast she ever had. You can’t go wrong ordering these!

  57. Stephanie (verified owner)

    These were a gift for coworkers. In another state. They were delivered on time, in great condition and I heard they were delicious! Will be ordering again- hopefully for us!

  58. Terry Hamlin (verified owner)

    These are the most delicious crab cakes. This is my 4th time ordering them and each time they are just as delicious. There is very little fillers and mostly crab meat! Thanks as always Jimmy’s.

  59. masae (verified owner)

    I bought for gift.
    my friend enjoy a lots

    But when I contact customer service,they never reply Both Facebook and store email.

    This is bad customer service

  60. Judy (verified owner)

    Sent these to my parents in Florida (who miss a good MD crabcake). They absolutely LOVED them! Not a single shell either! They want me to send them every other month now! LOL

  61. dan (verified owner)


  62. Peter Barrio (verified owner)

    Jimmy’s Crab Cakes are the absolute best!
    This was my 4th time ordering. Can’t wait to order them again. Shipping is easy and on time.
    I highly recommend Jimmy’s online!!!!

  63. Amac (verified owner)

    Sent em to my mom for Mother’s Day, great as always she says, wished I sent her more haha 🏆

  64. W C Carroll (verified owner)

    Crab Cakes were excellent but arrived a day prior to date requested and verified which then required much scrambling with all involved to change date for dinner.

  65. S. Mussel

    Tried them a couple years ago and have been hooked ever since. If you like huge chunks of crab and little filler, get these. Easy to make. I’ve gifted these to family and friends and now I”m their favorite person.

  66. Teke Davidson (verified owner)

    Sent these to my mother in Nevada. She said they are the best crab cakes she had ever had. We are from Baltimore and have tried them all! These are the best ever!

  67. Capt. Bart (verified owner)

    I highly recommend these. I will be ordering again. YUUMMM!!!

  68. Tim (verified owner)

    The crab cakes were quite simply delicious. Our resent order was the fourth order from Jimmy’s. We treat ourselves on special occasions but it seems as if there is a special occasion every month or two. We highly recommend these crab cakes as they are quite simply that delicious.

  69. Brooke Bowles (verified owner)

    Crazy amazing. Got them for Mother’s Day for my extreme crab snob of a mother who went ballistic for them. These are 100% Baltimore crab cakes. Only suggestion, add more old bay

  70. Angela Y. Johnson (verified owner)

    Crab cakes were the best we’ve ever had. I’m going to have to increase my grocery budget to include these.

  71. Marilee Kerns (verified owner)

    Delightful Mother’s Day meal – amazing lump crab cakes – easy to prepare and the cream of crab soup is to die for – the BEST!

  72. Sandra Gallagher (verified owner)

    As I said before, the best crab cakes EVER!

  73. Jim Eriksen (verified owner)

    Ordered these for Mother’s day – some to my Mom’s house and some here for my wife. The crabcakes were huge, were practically all crab, and definitely were delicious.

  74. Sandy Simms

    Grandson sent 4 crabcakes, 1 each of the soups and seasoning. The best ever. We now live in Florida and they have been missed. So glad we got them. The best ever

  75. Cindy Serdar (verified owner)

    I purchased as a birthday gift to daughter.. she and her husband haven’t stopped talking about how much they enjoyed… they shared with other family members who have already placed an order!!

  76. Thomas M. Backofen (verified owner)

    Love these!!!! LIve in Illinois, but order several times a year. Security is knowing we ALWAYS have some in the freezer!

  77. Annie (verified owner)

    No lie – these crab cakes are virtually ALL crab! And good sized lumps to boot.
    I’m of two minds about the seasoning, or lack thereof. They benefit GREATLY from the addition of some Old Bay, which is suggested in the recipe, but I currently live in the PNW and it was hard to come by.
    On the other hand, your can tailor the flavor to your liking, so if Old Bay isn’t your thing, you don’t have to worry because these crab cakes don’t contain any. Remoulade? Just butter? Tartar sauce? Squirt of lemon? It’s up to you!
    To sum it up, I will ABSOLUTELY order again. A tasty, decadent treat! Thank you Jimmy’s!

  78. Brenda Ford (verified owner)

    Fresh and absolutely delicious! Will order again in the future.

  79. Sharon Brown (verified owner)

    This is my 5th time ordering these. We absolutely Love these. Fresh, fast and Delicious! Definitely will order again. Thank you for taking care of us Southerners!

  80. Jeannette Noegel (verified owner)

    Always unbelievable and delivered exactly on the day requested which was our anniversary! Your crab cakes are the best and service top notch. Thanks again and you will be hearing from me again for another order!

  81. Sunni Lampasso (verified owner)

    The absolute best crab cakes EVER! I haven’t been able to get to Baltimore to have them but the delivery is a lifesaver. Just as delicious and shipping is fast! The best taste and the most crab meat. High quality, excellent product, and service.

  82. MUDDERS (verified owner)

    These crab cakes are the best I’ve ever had, and at 73 years old I’ve had quite a few. I grew up in Baltimore and lived there until 1997, moving to Minnesota to marry my hubby. I knew I’d miss crabs in general, but never guessed I’d find these gems on the internet. I order them for all special occasions, the latest being as my Mother’s Day treat. Jimmy’s handles my orders with care and sends me fresh crab cakes (and those wonderful crab egg rolls) not frozen items like other companies. Sweet meat, hardly any filling, great sauces. Jimmy’s makes me very happy😀.

  83. Rita (verified owner)

    Have been ordering from you since you put in the free shipping (for years) so I hope you keep the free shipping. I am from Baltimore and so glad to be able to get these wonderful, delicious crab cakes.

  84. Anne Liu (verified owner)

    These crabcakes are as good as I make myself so I just keep ordering them. I spritz with a little cooking spray and bake as directed they are big and delicious. Jimmy’s provides a high quality product at a very reasonable price.

  85. Amazing695 (verified owner)

    First time ordering from Jimmy’s. The crab cakes were everything I love about crab cakes — a lot o f crab meat. Appreciated the free shipping.

  86. Monique K (verified owner)

    EXCELLENT!!!!! You can’t go wrong with these crab cakes! They’re so good that my husband loves them and he hates seafood.. go figure! These things almost sent us to divorce court when I caught him sneaking to eat the last one at 3am in the morning! These are a must try!

  87. SJ Britson (verified owner)

    I had crab cakes and cream of crab soup shipped to friends in CA this weekend and they are STILL talking about it. They really loved the soup, as they’ve never had it before!

  88. James Moore (verified owner)

    The Crab Cakes were awesome!

  89. Tania (verified owner)

    One word, DEEEELISH!! The best crab cakes I’ve ever had! I have ordered twice and will be placing my 3rd order. I really hope the stuffed lobster tails will be added as an option for delivery.

  90. Jennifer Mayers

    many years ago I attended a conference in Maryland and had these crab cakes, even brought some home to NYC. My family never let me forget it . I surprised them last weekend with ordering , they were soooo delicious. The lumps of crabmeat ….Yes its worth it and I will order again .

  91. Dianne Whiting (verified owner)

    Jimmys crab cakes are simply the BEST, no filler, beautifully seasoned and so easy to prepare they are worth every penny. Nothing else can compare, I’ve been totally ruined!!!

  92. Tamara B.

    So good!! OMG…better than I anticipated. I’ve ordered 3 times now & think I have an addiction to Jimmy’s Crab Cakes!!! Great service as well. Keep up the good work!!

  93. Susan Dann (verified owner)

    OMG! Delicious! Special treat 🦀!!

  94. Chris broam (verified owner)

    Hands down the best crab cakes I’ve ever had. So many large lumps of meat in each one. So much flavor. Well worth the price.

  95. Chris (verified owner)

    Very good…Definitely will buy again

  96. Charles Acree (verified owner)

    I have sent your 8oz crab cake to my family in Tennessee last year and they loved them. I just sent them to my sister and brother in law and they also loved them. My wife and I go to the restaurant to enjoy them and think they are the best anywhere.

  97. Donna Bilger (verified owner)

    Absolutely delicious!!!!! It kicked off the Memorial Day weekend in the most perfect way! Quick delivery! Will definitely be ordering again!!

  98. Dee (verified owner)

    These crab cakes are delicious and meaty from the first to the last bite! We will definitely be ordering again!

  99. PR (verified owner)

    Huge with very little filler. Best crab cakes we have had. Each adult only needed one. Delicious! Will certainly order again.

  100. Cindy R (verified owner)

    The crab cakes were awesome!! Only thing better would be at Jimmy’s in person!! Thanks for excellent service and product! We love the crab cakes!!

  101. Gary Stepanchick (verified owner)

    Outstanding. Well worth the price! We will be ordering again

  102. Aisha Sims (verified owner)

    I ordered these for the first time in April. ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS! I will definitely be ordering them again and some other stuff.

  103. John Herrick (verified owner)

    Outstanding service and crab cakes ..our daughter moved to the west coast and misses her Maryland seafood.when we visited we decided to have some crab cakes shipped .worked out perfect..highly recommend

  104. TN Dick

    Bestest crab cakes ever–very little filler–if any.

  105. Sharon (verified owner)

    I’m a Florida transplant from Maryland I’ve missed the fabulous crabs & crab cakes tremendously for 24 years! Finally my son reminded me Jimmy’s will ship orders! The steamed crabs were just as I remembered, perfectly delicious! I also ordered crab cakes with the intention of freezing a few for later! Well, they were so delectable I ate all four in less than a week! Jimmy’s is such a treasure! Thank you!!!

  106. Shirley Carullo (verified owner)

    Supposed to be delivered by 7:00, kept looking for shipping updates, asked to be texted when delivered. Never received text looked for updates at 7:20, email said delivered at 7:10. Walked aroun my property and found package propped up against fence. Gate was open, do not know why they would not come to the door. The dry ice was completely melted. The cakes still felt cool, so we decided to cook 2 of them, they were delicious..However, I was disappointed in delivery process. Hopefully the 2 in the freezer will be good as well.

  107. Melanie Garland (verified owner)

    Excellent cakes. Brought me back to growing up in MD.

  108. Scot vanscoy (verified owner)

    Loved thanks

  109. Ron Kemper

    Great crab cakes

  110. Patrick (verified owner)

    Absolutely Delicious!!! Highly recommended!

  111. Jerrie (verified owner)

    I ordered 8 lump crab cakes for a birthday present for my sister. The package was damaged and returned to sender. When I called to state situation, your team went beyond expectations and drove my new order to UPS. The order made it in time for a wonderful celebration. I couldn’t be happier with service from your team. My sister said the crab cakes were fabulous! Thank you so much to everyone. Will definitely order again!

  112. Patrick Kane (verified owner)

    My previous orders have been as gifts for relatives/friends from Florida to California with great results. This last order, “four world’s best colossal lump Maryland crab cakes-8oz” were just for me – Thank You!!!

  113. Tom Pfander (verified owner)

    Took care of the shipping issue immediately great product will order again.
    Thanks Tom

  114. Diane S. (verified owner)

    Delicious. First time order from Jimmys. Wonderful treat to share with my cousin and her husband in Florida.

  115. John Richards (verified owner)

    I sent some crab cakes to my Father on Fathers Day. He said the crab cakes were delicious and would definitely order again. To go with the crab cakes I also got 2 pints of cream of crab. He was not impressed with the soup. Very bland, not worth the money. Overall I would definitely recommend just skip the soup.

  116. Edward Higgins (verified owner)

    I have traveled the world and have found no crab cakes to match the quality and taste of Jimmy’s Famous Seafood Jumbo crab cakes! Keep up the good work, we will be customers forever.

  117. Jim Caruso (verified owner)

    Excellent loaded with crab wonderful flavor.

  118. michael lamartina

    I lived on the bay and was a former commercial crabber for numerous years. I have eaten crab every possible way there is and by far these are some of the best crab cakes ever. There is no need to shop around take it from a pro when I say great no one is paying me to say it. Hope you enjoy like I did, Crabby Mike!?

  119. Jeanne Hilko (verified owner)

    A Texas Father’s Day Beach Celebration & Our Delectable “Crabster Cakes” from “Jimmy’s Famous Seafood” all the way from Baltimore Md, couldn’t of been any better. Thank you guys for the Best Crab cakes THIS SIDE of the Mississippi River!!

  120. Carolyn (verified owner)

    Absolutely Delicious!! Have ordered several times and I am never disappointed. I ordered them especially for my husband for Father’s Day. He absolutely loves them. Gave my daughter in law one and she text me back saying the crab cake was delicious. Great crab cakes and great service. You have a satisfied customer.

  121. Amy (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing and the best crab cake! Very flavorful, lots of crab and little filler. Bought these for a father’s day gift for my husband and he loves them!

  122. Maura Mahan (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered the crab cakes a number of times and they never disappoint. They come packaged perfectly and the cooking instructions are so easy to follow. I’ve always had great customer service, especially this last time. Father’s Day was awesome!!

  123. jACKIE vLCEK (verified owner)


  124. Steven vogt (verified owner)

    Terrific, moved to Florida over 20 years ago, but every time I come back I stop in for dinner or crabs. Had crab cakes & steamed crabs sent to me & they were great. Now I can get them without the 12 hour drive.

  125. Mala Tominack (verified owner)

    As always, absolutely delicious! We love them!

  126. june iacovello (verified owner)

    I was recently in Maryland and ordered crab cakes from a highly recommended restaurant, they were just OK. When I got back home to NY I ordered yours, They were absolutely delicious and did not disappoint!! I honestly can not wait for my next order!

  127. John (verified owner)

    I placed by order online on a Sunday for delivery to my brother the following Friday for his birthday. I received a confirmation email of my order on Thursday that showed what I ordered, and the delivery date of Friday. The shipment arrived at FedEx in Newark on Saturday, and sat in their warehouse until it went to Moonachie (the delivering terminal) and was delivered to my brother Monday afternoon. The dry ice was gone and the freeze packs were melted, meaning the 4 crab cakes were in 85 degree heat for 3 days. To Jimmy’s Famous Seafood credit when I called that Monday and explained what happened they re-shipped another order on Wednesday which was delivered to my brother on Friday (a week late), and everything was cold and eatable. I will continue to place orders with Jimmy’s.

  128. Ex-Marylander

    I ordered 4 jumbo lump crab cakes and 6 jumbo male crabs. All arrived in great condition. Superb packaging. Crabs were good but not as meaty as I had hoped. Perhaps later in the season.

    Crab cakes were the best. Large lumps of crabmeat and plenty of them. They arrived frozen. I thawed them out and removed some excess liquid. But they still took a lot longer to cook than the video’s 12-15 minutes suggestion.

    4 1/2 star rating

  129. Clara Longo (verified owner)

    I used to work across the street from JFS. I would order a crab cake & Greek salad to go for dinner.
    Now that I’m out of town, I needed a “real” crab cake so I ordered them for a family dinner. They were absolutely delicious and satisfied that “Baltimore “ craving.
    Delivered on time & easy to prepare.
    Thanks for all you do for the community as well.

  130. Michelle

    These were absolutely phenomenal! I am from Philly and moved to Ct and there is no blue crabmeat here. I miss it more than anything. I took a chance and ordered these. My mind was blown away. I will be a loyal customer from now on! Thank you!

  131. Laura Schuster (verified owner)

    This has become a favorite after my daughter was a travel nurse at John’s Hopkins & we got to eat in the restaurant! I have the crabcakes sent to us in NC as a treat for special occasions & they are always 5 ⭐️ 😋🤩. So easy to prepare when entertaining. Thank you!!!

  132. V Jacobs (verified owner)

    This was our second order of the four jumbo lump 8-0z crab cakes…and there will be a third. Unparalleled. As others have noted, a tone of large lumps, minimal filling, and perfect if you bake per the directions. Thank you Jimmy’s for your quality and consistency!

  133. Dave (verified owner)

    Tried these for the first time, because we can’t buy a good one in our area. They were the best crab cakes we ever had.

  134. Dawn (verified owner)

    This was our fifth order and as always they have been on time and absolutely delicious. Worth every penny – you can’t make these at home. Service has been exceptional too.

  135. David Eyler (verified owner)

    First time ordering through Jimmy’s. Arrived successfully at the end of the 2nd day. Soft and ready to cook. Most of the “ice” had melted already. We did eat 2 but froze the other 2. Hopefully will be fine. The taste was excellent and the size was exactly as ordered! VERY LARGE. A little different taste from other MD crab cakes we’ve had, but excellent with just a little “spice” to them. We’ll hopefully try again soon. Keep up the great work!

  136. Tonya Robertson (verified owner)

    Every bite was absolutely delectable. We will never eat crabcakes from anywhere except here. We only wish you were here in Dallas, Texas. That won’t stop us from ordering again.

  137. Russ Kedzierski (verified owner)

    Your crab cakes are outstanding, been buying them for the past two years. Only issue is four colossal crab cakes cost increased $15.00 per cake this did add different quality for reduced cost

  138. Michele noppinger (verified owner)

    We ordered crab cakes for our family to enjoy while watching the Ravens game. They arrived packaged perfectly and they were all lump crab meat, very little filler and full of flavor. We all LOVED them!

  139. Bill Thomas

    Crab cakes were great

  140. rich maffei (verified owner)

    Crab Cakes were great, as usual. Never disappointed. Grilled them on the grill before closing it for the winter. Will be ordering for Christmas Eve as usual.

  141. Diane Salsburg (verified owner)

    Best crabcakes ever. Found them last year after watching set an a drivers and what is it Diners, Drive-ins and dives. We immediately went online and bought colossal crabcakes. Best ever, try to buy them every year for the family to enjoy. Love their crabcakes

  142. Scott Vannoy (verified owner)

    As usual, the crab cakes and cream of crab soup is outstanding! The service is also excellent. Two day shipping and properly packed for delivery. Best crab cakes anywhere!!!

  143. Julie in Alabama (verified owner)

    We have ordered these crab cakes a number of times over the past several years and have never been disappointed. They have huge lumps of the sweetest crabmeat and such a wonderful flavor without all the fillers. Other bonuses include the JFS’s customer service, great delivery and the fact that the crab cakes are so easy to cook. We will continue to order these whenever we want a special treat.

  144. Sandy (verified owner)

    The Crabcakes were really good. Only problem is the 8oz containers were not full with the crabmeat for the price.

  145. Gloria J Williams (verified owner)

    The colossal crab cake were delicious and well worth the cost. We will order only the crab cakes by mail.

  146. richard f Hedinger (verified owner)

    the soup, colossal crab cakes and rock fish were the best we have had except for the previous shipments. this is the only place people should get the crab cakes and crab bisque.

  147. carlos d brown jr (verified owner)

    Nothing comes close to these in Michigan.

  148. Karen Guiffre (verified owner)

    I ordered 4 colossal crabcakes, 2 pints of cream of crab soup and crab dip. Of course, we can only eat one crab cake each with half a pint of soup so we got 2 of the most delicious meals ever experienced. Crab dip and baguette dinner up next. I can’t wait. Delicious and packaged very well to arrive in South Carolina frozen.

  149. Caroline A Ring (verified owner)

    We love crab cakes but living in Michigan its hard to get a great one. We ordered these and loved them! Very meaty with little filler, fresh taste and arrived in great condition. Easy to prepare, we will definitely be ordering again.

  150. Kathryn (verified owner)

    I live in an area where getting fresh and decent tasting crab isn’t really possible. Last year I was told to order from Jimmy’s and it was amazing. Delivery is speedy. The meat was fresh, huge and delicious. I figured this year I would splurge again and doubled my order. I was terribly disappointed, the meat was delicious but there were numerous small shells in every single crab cake. Ruins the experience when you are picking shells out of your mouth.

  151. Mike Burke (verified owner)

    The 8oz Colossal Crab Cakes are deliciously colossal and colossally delicious! Very well packed, they arrived fresh and tasty. We are hooked!

  152. AB (verified owner)

    After 30 yrs on the Chesapeake Bay & now 24 years in FL, I yearn for Maryland crab cakes! I have ordered from Jimmy’s many times & every bite is delicious & takes me back to my boating days! I love sharing them with a friend who has never tried the famous delectable blue crabs :)) Thank you Jimmy’s for the best crab cakes & crab soup!

  153. Tonya H (verified owner)

    The CrabCakes are to Live for more! They are meaty and clusters of crab in each bite. These CrabCakes are hard to compete against! It’s on rotation every 4 weeks!

  154. Linda Richard (verified owner)

    I have dined at Jimmy’s a couple of times. Best crab cakes I have ever had. Live in Texas and my husband ordered the colossal crab cakes and surprised me on my birthday. They were amazing. Every bit as good as I remembered when I had them in the restaurant. Will definitely order them again!

  155. Bob Kilberg (verified owner)

    Terrific gift to friends. Large sized crab cakes with great taste and flavor. And easy cooking instructions too. It was a big hit.

  156. Denis Muszynski (verified owner)

    You cannot buy a better crab cake. I stopped purchasing crab cake from our local specially meat markets after trying these 8oz cakes. All the local ones are full of filler.

  157. Karen from Bellingham, WA (verified owner)

    Oh My Goodness, HOLY COW! What a TREAT!

    My Husband and I were watching Football and saw a (very short) video about Jimmy’s Famous Seafoods Crab Cakes. Taking a chance (once again) on ordering Crab Cakes online, sight unseen, I ordered the large gift kit.
    I’ve ordered (this type of food) online before and ended up disappointed with their taste and quality.

    We received our kit beautifully and perfectly packed.

    I’ve never baked Crab Cakes before, and thought “Here we go again… another disappointing online food purchase”

    Was I WRONG!

    I cooked the cakes exactly as instructed, serving them with Pilaf.

    One bite and my Husband and I looked at each other and BOOM, we were hooked!

    These are the best tasting Crab Cakes either one of us have ever had!

    We’re on our second order (which we made to serve for Christmas dinner) but I think we might just eat these now and order another batch for Christmas!

    Thank you all for such a wonderful product


  158. Joan H Norcutt (verified owner)

    Ordered these for my husband as an early Christmas present. He is Baltimore born and raised and won’t eat “Maryland style crabcakes” Yours were the best!! Lots of lump crabmeat, very little filler and not over seasoned. Perfect!! We will be reordering!!

  159. Russell Earley (verified owner)

    These crabcakes were a Christmas gift for my son and his family. They called and said they were the best ever thanks for your for your quick service and delivery.

  160. Richard Hedinger (verified owner)

    We live near the Smokey Mountains in TN and these are absolutely the BEST!!! way to enjoy a taste of MD. The crab cakes are 5 star and the cream of crab soup is excellent. We like that we don’t have to leave our home to enjoy Jimmy’s crab feast!

  161. Maryellen McArthur (verified owner)

    First time order for Christmas and we absolutely loved the crab cakes. Being from Maryland, craving Maryland crab cakes with ongoing. Thank you for not disappointing us!

  162. Mary Kay

    We received 4 crab cakes as a gift for Christmas. They were fabulous, I will be ordering more very soon!

  163. Mary Kay W.

    We received 4 crab cakes as a gift for Christmas. They were fabulous, I will be ordering more very soon!

  164. Sandy (verified owner)

    Sent to my brother for Christmas. He loved them. Said best meal he’s had in years!

  165. Lori Olson (verified owner)

    These are amazing. We loved them and will be ordering more

  166. p rb (verified owner)

    I ordered the colosal for my grown kids’ Xmas visit and sent a 1lb. crab meat order to my sister in Massachusetts. All of us are ecstatic.

  167. Linda Bryant (verified owner)

    After having a crab cake at Jimmy’s, I knew what I would send to my sister and her husband for Christmas. I previously sent crab cakes from another restaurant but they agreed with me that your crab cakes were better so they have received your crab cakes for Christmas several times. I promised to take them to the restaurant when they came to Maryland which happened this summer. They absolutely love the crab cakes from your restaurant and my sister even purchased some for her husband’s birthday, he is a really good cook and normally makes the crab cakes with spinach and crystal beurre blanc. The Christmas present always is a hit.

  168. Diron

    Easy to make and the best crabcakes I have ever had. Definately ordering these again

  169. John (verified owner)

    I am a Marylander who has moved away in retirement. I ordered these crab cakes to satisfy our need for a real crab cake! These were on the mark and wonderful! But I did not find one lump, let alone a colossal lump in any of the cakes. I’ll try Koko’s next time!

  170. Mimi Luautaud (verified owner)

    I was introduced to these crab cakes by my son . I am a seafood lover and l have had crab cakes from many high ends places . NEVER had I tasted more succulent crab meat! Sweet! Juicy! And a lot of meat for the money. Trust me , you haven’t tasted the best Crab cakes until you try Jimmy’s ! This is my new spot , and I DO eat a lot of Seafood.
    Welcome to my home Jimmy’s Fabulous Seafood!

  171. Tina (verified owner)

    The best crab cakes love them order them for Christmas new year celebrations they are delicious minimal filler cook perfectly yummmmmy

  172. Stan Tupaj (verified owner)

    It has been many years since we lived in Baltimore and we have had a craving for some real crab cakes. So we ordered four of the colossal lump crab cakes for Christmas dinner. Absolutely incredible!

  173. Christine Fruit (verified owner)

    This is the second year i ordered the Crab Cakes for Christmas dinner and it will be our tradition from now on !! Best Crab Cakes ever 😀

  174. Kirsten (verified owner)

    The best! I buy these for my family every year and they always love them.

  175. Cheryl Fitzgerald

    Very fast delivery here in Florida. I’m sure they are very good. Haven’t heard from the receiver of this gift. They are saving for a special occasion. Me being from (Maryland) knows the great crab cakes from the eastern shore. They are what we missed more than anything 🦀

  176. Mike B (verified owner)

    We ordered these for a Christmas treat to ourselves. They were absolutely delicious, probably the best I’ve had. We will definitely order again.

  177. Jennifer S (verified owner)

    We ordered these for Christmas. We moved from Baltimore MD to Maine a few years ago. No blue crab here so having these shipped to our door was awesome. We’ve eaten many different MD crab cakes and these rank very high. We look forward to ordering again.

  178. Julie Williams (verified owner)

    I found Jimmy’s on Goldbelly and decided to splurge on these crab cakes to go with the rib roast for Christmas dinner. Best decision I ever made. They are wonderful and so is the bay sauce they sell to go with them. I will order again, I’m sure.

  179. Kevin (verified owner)

    Absolutely perfect!!!! Best crab cakes I ever had, will definitely reorder. Really happy with the quality

  180. Sharon (verified owner)

    We lived in Rehoboth Beach for 10 years and Jimmy’s was a favorite of ours. We’ve been in Las Vegas for 6 years and I ordered these for Christmas. WOW! Amazing as always❣️❣️❣️ Thank you.😋😋😋

  181. Steve H. (verified owner)

    Delicious good-size genuine Maryland crab cakes, delivered on time in excellent condition. And due to discount and free shipping, a much better deal than Jimmy’s well known competitors.

  182. Renee (verified owner)

    You made my Christmas Eve a major success. It was just my husband and I and normally we have the feast of the seven fishes with our family. However, this year, we were home alone! Excellent crabcakes! I will be ordering again.

  183. Kathy

    I’ve had crab cakes and cream of crab soup all over Maryland and these were definitely my favotie!! We will order again! We had these Chrismas Eve and Christmas it was so good! Baked the crab cakes!

  184. Kevin Dale (verified owner)

    These Crab Cakes are most likely the best I have ever had! It was painless ordering and delivery the next day even with the Holiday’s. So easy to prepare and they come out perfectly.

  185. Sharon Guinane (verified owner)

    Unreal!!! The best ones I have ever had. So worth the price. They don’t cut back on the crab meat. We truely loved them!!

  186. Joe S (verified owner)

    Best Crab Cakes ever!!! Our third order from Jimmy’s and certainly not the last!

  187. Jenny G. (verified owner)

    These were the PERFECT! SOOOO GOOD!
    My Maryland-born husband LOVES crab cakes (as do I!), and I had these shipped to us here in Michigan, as a surprise dinner for both Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve. They are our go-to at home special occasion dinner. Arrived fresh, perfectly cold, very well packaged, and with handy instructions. The Bay Sauce is an excellent add on, to accompany the cakes. The shipping is awesome, and quick, with great communication on the status of your order. Even buying and shipping them to Michigan was way more affordable than if we were to go out to a restaurant in town and order crab cakes here. (And they would not be as tasty and fresh as Jimmy’s!) Thanks for an amazing product and service. We’ll keep coming back for more! (And when we actually make it back to Maryland, we can’t wait to eat there!) Thank you!

  188. Mary Ann Demnowicz (verified owner)

    Several times we have enjoyed these luscious lumps They have always been delivered on the
    day promised even though sometimes it’s during the holidays I have sent them to friends in
    Wisconsin with no problems That is dependable service

  189. Gail P (verified owner)

    I grew up on the Chesapeake Bay but have lived in Chicago for the past 30 years. Chicago has a very impressive food/restaurant scene, but regardless, finding a proper crabcake outside of Maryland is a deeply disappointing experience. Thank you, Jimmie’s for fulfilling an extremely important need! These crabcakes were shipped beautifully and are outstanding — some of the best we’ve ever eaten!!

  190. Melinda (verified owner)

    Best. Crabcakes. Ever.
    Finest crabmeat, minimal filler, packaged securely and always arrives on time! Our go-to treat for special occaisons!

  191. Mike B (verified owner)

    Jimmy’s crab cakes are fantastic! Each 8oz crab cake is filling for one person. Pretty much all meat here, no peppers or bread chunks holding these together! You will not be disappointed!

  192. Myra Rice (verified owner)

    Absolutely the best crab cakes!
    Sent these as a New Years gift for dinner – will be ordering again very soon! thank you!!!

  193. Mark Kay

    Outstanding ! more lump crab meat little filler !

  194. Glenn Smith (verified owner)

    The cake was Colossal, but the lumps were not; too much shredded crab meat and smaller pieces.

  195. Wraymond Sawyerr (verified owner)

    Deliciously excellent with every bit of scrumptious luscious lumps of fresh crab meat !!! Excellent cant go wrong !!!

  196. JAA (verified owner)

    You guys are amazing…. You guys pack w/care and our delivery was always on time…. Theeeeeee best crab cakes ever!!!

  197. Shannon Wood (verified owner)

    Living on the Texas coast my entire life, THESE crab cakes make for an easy-peasy gourmet meal! Delivered on time, excellent customer service, easy to follow instructions/videos and more affordable than if I were to track down this much local jumbo lump crab meat. This is my new GO-TO party plan! Simply delishious! As my husband said “Yumma!”

  198. Pamella Procopio

    Pretty good

  199. Jenny Shevick (verified owner)

    Fantastic! Such a treat! Packaging/delivery was also excellent: the ice was still frozen even though shipped several states away. Will definitely be ordering again!

  200. Frank Houck (verified owner)

    WOW! Have been away from Baltimore for so long and I missed crab cakes all these years. It was like being home again. Cakes were wonderful. Have ordered twice now and will continue to do so. Your crab cakes are sooooo good

  201. Tom (verified owner)

    Fabulous, lumpy, perfectly seasoned crab. Have ordered for several years. Wonderful every time.

  202. Lana Miller (verified owner)

    The crab cakes are the best!! For the past 3 years we have enjoyed them for Easter dinner. They are a hit with the family. They are delicious and they are shipped ready to prepare. Honestly, it is hard not to always enjoy them but we try to save them for a special occasion. No filler but l os of delicious flavor.

  203. Elizabeth Little (verified owner)

    As a Maryland born and raise girl, I am a crab cake snob. Let’s face it, nobody does crab cakes like Maryland. Then I moved to Florida. Living in Florida, this Maryland girl craves a real crab cake. Jimmy’s never fails to hit the spot. Love when my tub shows up. Fills up my crab cake craving. Thank you 1☺️

  204. Stacy Rudnicki (verified owner)

    I would give Jimmy’s more than 5 stars if I could! The south is good for many things, but crab cakes isn’t one of them. I order frequently for myself and for gifts! Customer service is great. I’ve only needed to contact them once, but the issue was handled quickly snd perfectly. 💝

  205. loisgrobb (verified owner)

    These crab cakes are superb. The crab is delicious,, big juicy lumps, and the seasoning just perfect. Good as my mom’s. No higher praise. Honest.

  206. Tim Wise (verified owner)

    We have ordered from Jimmy’s many times and they always deliver great food and great customer service. The crabcakes are awesome. The crab egg rolls are ridiculous. Whatever you order you will be happy.

  207. marycain888 (verified owner)

    Ordered these incredible crab cakes (8 oz huge lumps of crab)
    to make for my visiting Daughter’s Birthday last weekend, with two extra for them to bring home with them. Also ordered a bowl of sauce. Over the moon raves & more e-mails of praise when they got home. Glad I also ordered the bowl of sauce as it is the perfect finish. So happy to have found this amazing gift – will be ordering more next week to send for my Son’s birthday (Loves crab & nothing like this available in the Midwest). May seem expensive, but compared to the cost of a fine restaurant in house meal it is a bargain. WARNING: you will develop a craving more of these !

  208. cj.fisher (verified owner)

    This is the third time I have had these crab cakes. Always taste great, lots of crab meat and usually a 5 star rating but this time there seemed to be more shell fragments than usual

  209. Barbara Hufnagel (verified owner)

    Jimmy’s NEVER disappoints! We had bragged to neighbors over and over about the crabcakes and finally treated them last evening. They said it was the best crabcakes they’ve ever had. We can’t wait to have them again soon.

  210. Donald Rowe (verified owner)

    Your crab cakes were all of what you claimed, loads of jumbo lump crab meat little filler. They were great .little mishandling of cooking process, but will adjust on next order. Again, excellent.

  211. rmatt (verified owner)

    I bought these for my sister from North Carolina for her birthday. When visiting the area a few years ago she could not believe how good crab cakes were in this area. I just got a text from her telling me that she was in crab cake heaven! Glad they didn’t disappoint.

  212. geos121 (verified owner)

    All I can say is you guys nailed it again, even though we lost power due to heavy storms & hail , going to Home Depot 9 am & purchasing a generator every penny that I spent was worth it’s weight in gold, there was no way I was going to let Mother Nature get in my way from having crab cakes from Jimmy’s seafood in my home of Dundalk Md , you guys are the best , Thank You,

  213. James Nicholson (verified owner)

    Great selections
    Easy to navigate
    Shipped to NC family to give them a true taste of Baltimore and what “Real” crab cakes really are.
    My girlfriend is a Baltimore native, one of the first places she took me was Jimmy’s.
    Wonderful experience and yes I’m becoming a Baltimoron.
    Also love your place at Camden Yards
    A bit of a walk but we’ll worth the stroll.
    See you soon
    Ed & Camille

  214. James Nicholson (verified owner)

    Great selections
    Easy to navigate
    Shipped to NC family to give them a true taste of Baltimore and what “Real” crab cakes really are.
    My girlfriend is a Baltimore native, one of the first places she took me was Jimmy’s.
    Wonderful experience and yes I’m becoming a Baltimoron.
    Also love your place at Camden Yards
    A bit of a walk but we’ll worth the stroll.
    See you soon

    Ed & Camille

  215. Bryan Sohayda (verified owner)

    Best crab cakes around, no fillers all crab 🦀
    Worth the price! They taste just as good shipped and the cooking instructions are easy.

  216. Wendy Smith (verified owner)

    I ordered these the first time for my Dad for Christmas, and we enjoyed them so much I ordered them for his birthday. Again, they were amazing! Fast quick delivery, and DELICIOUS food!

  217. Arlette Starks (verified owner)

    I enjoy Jimmy’s crabcakes. When I need a little taste of home, I can count on JImmy’s to deliver. The crabmeat is exceptional and always fresh.

  218. Judy Heard (verified owner)

    The crab cakes are superb. We have ordered them several times and have never been disappointed. Chock full of lump crab meat. Excellent!

  219. richard f. (verified owner)

    Like usual, the best. The whole family loves them.

  220. Woodrow Price-Williams (verified owner)

    All I can say is this is how crab cake should be

  221. Linda Dann (verified owner)

    We have been ordering for quite awhile and have never been disappointed. We LOVE our Jimmy’s!! Thank you so much for your fabulous customer service also!

  222. Terry Marquess (verified owner)

    I went last week to visit my cousin in Plymouth, Mass and had crab cakes, crab cake egg rolls and crabby mac n cheese delivered to her the day I was to arrive and it was wonderful. Every couple months I send her something and it is always the best. Jimmy’s has the best! Thank you.

  223. jonesja.2010 (verified owner)

    We love these crabcakes! More lump than filler and they taste wonderful. We’ve sent them to friends and family in NJ, MN and SC. Recently we compared with Koco’s and Jimmy’s won. Thanks for allowing us to share a piece of Baltimore, throughout the country.

  224. Taylor Kusterman (verified owner)

    Let me be serious with you for a min, this was nothing more than a gift for the woman I love and she loves CRAB CAKES, but they have to be good not some run of the mill but blow your socks off savor every bite and truly enjoy the meal and let me tell you that is what Jimmy’s and these crab cakes deliver! We were both BLOWN away and were so happy with the cooking instructions and the results of the final product. Without a shadow of a doubt this is where we will buy our seafood moving forward. FRESH, FAST, REASONABLE AND DID I MENTION FRESH! You can still taste the OCEAN. Can’t wait to have them again! Thanks again for the amazing food!

  225. truegryctz (verified owner)

    I ordered the 64oz. package of crab cake mixture for my sister’s 70th birthday, who lives in Oklahoma. Originally from Baltimore. Sent them 2nd day delivery. She received them when promised and still partially frozen. Prepared them according to instructions and absolutely Loved them! Sharing them with her family who raved and raved about Jimmy ‘s Seafood Crab Cakes! Thank you for making my sister’s 70th birthday very Happy and Special!

  226. Stephen Diaz (verified owner)

    Absolutely delicious, these crab cakes are the best I have ever had . They are definitely filling . We are very happy with the freshness being sent all the way to California. The shipping package was fail proof. Thank you Jimmy’s ! Steve .D.

  227. geos121 (verified owner)

    After watching the Baltimore Ravens beat the Pittsburgh Steelers the evening was capped off by delicious crab cakes from Jimmy’s. You guys nailed it again, Thanks, George

  228. gerigentile (verified owner)

    Purchased crabcakes for a birthday present for a friend in Arizona (formerly from Baltimore). They arrived very well packed and on time. He said they are excellent. I guess I need to go to Jimmy’s and try them.

  229. James Peters (verified owner)

    Beware…If you order from Jimmy’s you will be hooked. Simply the best!

  230. Katherine Sullivan (verified owner)

    Katherine Sullivan — Milan, IN. We ordered 4 of the jumbo colossal crab cakes and were not disappointed. Highly recommend! The only downside is the shipping cost. Encourage lowering the minimum order for free shipping to encourage repeat orders. I do appreciate the care, packaging and your product arrived perfectly frozen!

  231. JEFFREY BECK (verified owner)

    Absolutely fantastic. This is the 2nd time I have ordered them and they never disapoint.

  232. Richard Green (verified owner)

    Very tasty. Came packaged well. Makes for a quick and simple dinner.

  233. Pam Bordi (verified owner)

    I created a new holiday tradition for my family!! I ordered the crab cakes to eat on Christmas Eve and my daughter was soooo impressed with the meatiness, no noticeable filling and sweetness of the numerous lump pieces of the crab! This was her first introduction and my third delightful experience. I will repeatedly come back for more – it “really” is that good!!!

  234. JEAN CIROALO (verified owner)

    These crabcakes were amazing. They were filled with large pieces of lump crabmeat and seasoned perfectly. They arrived perfectly formed and packaged to keep them cold. We will definitely order again and we recommend them highly. Thank you for your excellent product and service.

  235. tg.lepisto (verified owner)

    Ordered Crab cakes fur my friends for. Christmas gift.
    Amazing as usual

  236. rashman (verified owner)

    Splurged and bought 4 jumbo lump crab cakes for Christmas Eve dinner. They didn’t disappoint. Delicious!!! The best I have ever had. Also leftovers tasted just as good the next day.

  237. kruhl1 (verified owner)

    After living in Maryland our entire lives we moved out of state a couple of years ago and really miss our Maryland seafood. We decided to place an order with Jimmy’s and we were NOT disappointed! The cream of crab is very good and creamy. The jumbo lump crab cakes are really delicious. Shipping was perfect, everything was packed extremely well. We will order again for sure.

  238. geos121 (verified owner)

    You guys nailed it again , crab cakes were delicious, also treated my son J to a crab pretzel, I myself have never had one but he said this was the best he ever had , so thanks again.

  239. c2themitch (verified owner)

    Absolute deliciousness! Literally what any crab cake aspires to be❤️

  240. wilbert.russell (verified owner)

    I’m from Florida and I’ve had several crab cakes but NOTHING compared to this. I had my first Maryland crabcake in December and was just blown away. My husband ran across this website and we decided to give them a try. Nothing less than amazing! If you want fillers or breading this isn’t for you. Simply Amazing. 👍🏾

  241. rmamcr2015 (verified owner)

    I received my delivery order last week, which went into the freezer. Yesterday I had a crab cake – WOW!! Absolutely OUTSTANDING!!!!

  242. marycain888 (verified owner)

    I have ordered these several times now as gifts. My family is absolutely thrilled to receive them. I have tried to duplicate them, but can’t get the quality of crab here, so well worth the price as Jimmy’s are the best. I order the bay sauce with them and any leftover sauce is great on sandwiches.

  243. marycain888 (verified owner)

    I have ordered these several times now as gifts for family. They are always received with enthusiasm. I have tried to duplicate these, but cannot get the quality of crab here, so well worth the price as Jimmy’s are the BEST. I order the Bay Sauce with them (yum) and any leftover sauce is great on sandwiches.

  244. geos121 (verified owner)

    As I order quite frequently from Jimmy’s, I only have 3 words to say , Simply The Best !

  245. eddie_suiter (verified owner)

    Well the packaging is different. and the crab cake is squished into the rectangler container. Otherwise, they tasted the same. Not sure of the new packaging, I guess cost saving, on shipping..

  246. andi834 (verified owner)

    The crab cakes were amazing! However, for some reason, the site I ordered from did not have the free shipping option, so I was charged over $50. I was wondering if that charge could be applied to a future order. Thank you for your consideration.

  247. William Kennedy Jr (verified owner)

    Just as amazing the second time. We ordered back in January and these we just as good, if not better, this time around. Super fast shipping and arrived in perfect condition. Jimmy’s has quickly become our “go to” place to order from for a special occasion. I only wish we lived closer so we could go to the restaurant!

  248. jemcenry (verified owner)

    Great jumbo lump crab cakes. Can’t wait to try other crab items.

  249. Stacy Rudnicki (verified owner)

    Jimmy’s never disappoints! I order the 64 oz bucket 2 or 3 times a year. I make op the crab cakes, we have 2 for dinner and I freeze the rest. The hardest part is refraining from eating one every night! So thankful that they ship. They also make perfect gifts for the person who has everything!!

  250. Toninette Holland (verified owner)

    The most delicious crab cake that I’ve ever had the absolute pleasure in experiencing to me since I’ve experienced Jimmy’s there is just no other crab cake that compares! Jimmy’s is Simply the best……….PERIOD😋

  251. mdanner2 (verified owner)

    Never ever disappointed with any food item from Jimmy’s

  252. Iris Crawford (verified owner)

    Excellent crab cakes. Ordered for Mother’s Day enjoyed.

  253. Cheryl Doyle (verified owner)

    So glad I made this purchase. Three crabcake was DELICIOUS 😋

  254. James Roberts (verified owner)

    Simply the best. Fourth order. Havent been disappointed with the amount of crab.

  255. Robert Brenton (verified owner)

    Sent crab cakes to Knoxville, TN, and UPS somehow screwed up the delivery. The package that was scheduled to arrive on Friday (per UPS tracking) did not arrive until the following Tuesday, no longer cold. When I contacted Megan at Jimmy’s, I thought I was in for a battle, but she didn’t hesitate one second. She said she would send a second order, and all I had to do was tell her when I wanted them delivered. The second batch arrived on schedule, still frozen. Megan snatched victory from the jaws of defeat!! I am very happy with my interaction with Megan and Jimmy’s, and will not hesitate to order crab cakes from them in the future.

  256. hemi2 (verified owner)

    Since moving to SC, I long for delicious crab cakes. I have placed several orders for the lump crab cakes and have been completely satisfied with every order. I am amazed how well they are packaged and they arrive on time every order.

  257. Kristen Hoffman (verified owner)

    The best crab cakes ever!!!

  258. Matt Miller (verified owner)

    Absolutely the best crab cake I’ve ever had. Easy to make at home and full of crab meat. Can’t recommend enough.

  259. Kelli Liberati (verified owner)

    We retired to Myrtle Beach last year from Northern Virginia. I have ordered these meaty, no filler, yummy crab cakes for many, many years. I was a bit nervous having to get them shipped to South Carolina but they arrived perfectly fine. This was my third order since moving here and each delivery has been great. Your crab cakes are the absolute best!!

  260. Richard Green (verified owner)

    This was our second order. Couldn’t wait for the delivery. Had two that evening. Excellent crab cake, quick shipping. Won’t be our last order for sure!!

  261. mark yumkas (verified owner)

    Simply the best!!!! (even better than my mothers)

  262. Nancy Moore (verified owner)

    I had the jumbo lump crab cakes before and enjoyed them so much, I sent some to my son in Arizona. He thought they were amazing.

  263. Bradley Smith (verified owner)

    First order from them and it didn’t disappoint! The wife enjoyed the minimal prep before cooking – it was like she made it herself. My son enjoyed the crab-to-cake ratio. Can’t wait to try the other items in our order.

  264. totaldaly (verified owner)

    I recently took a trip to Hawaii from Maryland and met the best taxi driver who took us all over the island that week. He said he wished he could go to Maryland to try our famous crab cakes, so I knew Jimmy’s reputation was great and sent him some to his home in Hawaii. His response made it all worthwhile. He said they were “ONOLICIOUS!!” which in Hawaii means they are super delicious!

  265. Deborah Anderson (verified owner)

    we love these crab cakes. I get the big tubs and save for when we have company. They are delicious even when in freezer for a few weeks.

  266. Kathleen Young (verified owner)

    Just like mom used to make, but I didn’t have to pick the steamed crabs for her.

  267. ledawson78 (verified owner)

    Fantastic! Amazing! Delicious! I moved from Virginia to Oklahoma and I was missing authentic crab cakes so I ordered some from Jimmy’s for a special celebration. I couldn’t have made a better choice. They arrived as promised, perfectly and carefully packed, and they were easy to cook following the directions. As promised there was very little filler and so much fresh and mouth-watering crab meat. Well worth the price. I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to know what a real crab cake is supposed to taste like.

  268. Debbie Marks (verified owner)

    OMG, these crab cakes are awesome!! First time trying them. Used to have blue claw crab every summer when I was a child. Whether my relatives from Baltimore brought some up to us here in upstate NY or we got them from Jersey. We would spread them out on picnic tables and eat away. When I saw I had a chance to order from Jimmy’s in Maryland I just had to try them. Yummy!

  269. William Wilson (verified owner)

    Simply amazing! I’m a Marylander living in Florida now and these are hands down the BEST crab cakes you can have shipped to your home. I purchase them at least once a year when I craze a just lump meat crab cake. Top notch packaging they always arrive perfectly cold and ready to be cooked. If you haven’t tried Jimmy’s crab cakes you need to now 🙂

  270. Neal Harris (verified owner)

    Wicked yummy Crab cakes!

  271. Linda Bryant (verified owner)

    The crab cakes are delicious and make wonderful Christmas presents, especially since they are flash frozen for shipping out of state.

  272. Barbara Hufnagel (verified owner)

    These are the very best crab cakes! I have tried many others but always come back to Jimmy’s. They are full of lump crab, easy to prepare and absolutely delicious!

  273. wayner2ski (verified owner)

    Born a raised in metro Bmore. We moved to Georgia in 1987. In my travels and years, I’ve yet to find a crab cake that compares to a Maryland crab cake from Jimmy’s. We’ve ordered numerous times and when in Bmore we make it a priority to visit Jimmy’s. Never disappointed and thank you for making our 2023 Christmas Dinner a huge success! See you in the spring!

  274. William Kennedy Jr (verified owner)

    Amazing! We had these for our pre-Christmas get together and they were a big hit with everyone!

  275. Bob Brown (verified owner)

    I moved from Baltimore to Orlando Florida in 1985 and can’t even find anything that compares to Jimmy’s CrabCakes. I order them on the Internet…The best! The Crab Soup is a little salty, but still good.

  276. nortnoodle55 (verified owner)

    Saw the interview on The Pat MacAfee show. Viewed website and had to order after reading through everything. These were amazing. Best I’ve ever had and actually smoked them. Extremely good!!

  277. amy donoghue (verified owner)

    These are excellent! My husband and I have relocated from Maryland to Arizona. We have friends here who have never had authentic crab cakes. At my son’s recommendation, we ordered these. Our friends loved them! We did too, of course. We will definitely order again – these would make a wonderful dinner for a special occasion.

  278. Christopher Lamb (verified owner)

    I ordered the colossal crab cakes for my wifes birthday. She LOVED them! Big lumpy crabmeat, came still frozen, easy to cook, it made her birthday for sure, thanks for a great product! You have a new customer!

  279. Mary Moynihan (verified owner)

    No complaints here! Best crabcakes!!

  280. bridges01 (verified owner)

    Love love looooove it, especially getting it shipped fresh to Ohio, when I can’t make it to Baltimore…even have family asking “when are you going/ordering from Jimmy’s again”

  281. JEFFREY BECK (verified owner)

    Always amazing crab cakes. love to order them and surprise my wife. Living in Illinois this is the only way to get delicious crab cakes.

  282. Edward Embry (verified owner)

    The best ever!!!!

  283. Stacy Rudnicki (verified owner)

    As always, Jimmy’s knocks it out of the park. Never a disappointment. Flavor is always consistently great. Box arrived with everything very cold, and on time. Great cooking instructions… a few minutes in the air fryer and we feel like we’re enjoying crab cakes at our favorite seafood restaurant! Thank you Jimmy’s staff for getting it right!!

  284. Cynthia Bartlett (verified owner)

    My family loves these crab cakes. Large lumps of crab meat and very little filler. Crab cakes are worth the price.

  285. jmatukaitis416 (verified owner)

    These are the best crab cakes anywhere!! No crab cakes even come close to the large chunks of crabmeat in them . They are delicious. We order as soon as we finish our last crab cake. Thank you for shipping your great products.

  286. prsjgs (verified owner)

    Since we weren’t going to be with family, I ordered these for my husand and me for Easter dinner. They were outstanding. We were able to get in on the BOGO offer, so we have 2 more for later. We are looking forward to those in the near future. They are delicious and cook beautifully. I thawed them overnight before cooking and it worked out great. Add a baked potato, some steamed broccoli and dinner rolls and you have an easy, delicious dinner.

  287. Laura Parsons (verified owner)

    Omgosh!!! These were amazing !! The amount of crab meat is just unreal. A real special dinner

  288. Richard Hall (verified owner)

    Ordered this for delivery since I live in NC (Go Heels! Boo Duke!). Followed the instructions and it felt like I was back in Maryland. Very minimal with filler and just loaded with jumbo lump crab meat. It was very filling and well worth the price whatever the Market Price is. Very easy to make at home. If you are on the fence about getting this, jump off that fence and just get it! There will be no regrets!

  289. Dabney (verified owner)

    Very good overall but we thought they were a little under seasoned. We tried baking them but might try broiling them next time to see if there is less issues from thawing.

  290. marys (verified owner)

    Super Yum! I grew up in Maryland, and my great uncle was a crabber on the Chesapeake out of Newport News, VA. Nothing has every come as close to a real Maryland crabcake! I recommend Jimmie’s to everyone I know.

  291. Diane Stuller (verified owner)

    The very best in service and product! Great customer service corrected my address screw-up, immediately.
    Could not be more pleased with the quality of food! Thank you, Jimmy’s!!!!!

  292. Amy Zink (verified owner)

    My parents were born and raised in Baltimore, and I was born in Maryland. We moved to the SF Bay Area in California when I was three, and one of the things my parents miss often is amazing crab. Thank you Jimmy’s for shipping to California. The crab cakes are amazing and have become a special treat we get for special holidays. The crab cakes truly are a taste of home. I would encourage everyone to buy these crab cakes. Each crab cake is a generous size and tastes incredible. Jimmy’s crab cakes are now one of our holiday traditions.

  293. bobhay (verified owner)

    I grew up in Baltimore and was raised on crabcakes that were excellent, although people in other parts of the country used to think I was shining them on. They were wrong, of course, When I decided I couldn’t last any longer without a genuine Maryland crabcake I ordered some from Jimmy’s. They made it all the way across the country still frozen and, when I thawed a couple out and we ate them, still fabulous.

  294. Matt Miller (verified owner)

    This is the best crab cake I’ve ever had. Just fantastic. Tons of crab meat and a great taste.

  295. Wes Tackett (verified owner)

    Best Crab Cakes in the World!!!!!

  296. Mary Clay (verified owner)

    The very best Crab cake I’ve ever had. All crab no filler. I get the jumbo and break it down to make two regular sized . One word describes it DELISH 😋

  297. Ruth Hackett (verified owner)

    Fabulous. Can’t find anything in Florida that even comes close. Expensive but lump crabmeat is not cheap and it’s not cut with fillers!! Grew up weekends and summers on the ,mouth of the Choptank. Spoiled…?you bet I am and Jimmy’s is a spoiler!!!!

  298. Donald Hannah (verified owner)

    I was very very pleased with the entire process from order placement, order delivery, cooking instructions, to t he enjoyment of the crab cakes. Jimmy’s Famous Seafood did a wonderful job. That was a first class service. That was my first time ordering from Jimmy’s and I will be ordering again in the very near future. I was able to take advantage of the BOGO promotion. I will pass the word around to my friends and colleagues. Thank you Jimmy!

  299. Susan Gailes (verified owner)

    A friend had recommended Jimmy’s to us, and I am so glad he did. It was like being back in Baltimore eating the most fabulous crab cakes ever! Order these! You won’t be disappointed.

  300. jeanhfs (verified owner)

    I am a born Marylander living in Florida. I have been so disenchanted with the crab cakes served here, although many of my friends enjoy them. When I found Jimmy’s Famous Seafood site, I had to order the REAL Maryland Crab Cakes (8oz). I invited my friends for dinner and served these, along with a simple fresh green salad (of course, each cake was dusted with OBS). All I can say, the look on their faces with each bite was awesome. They ate every morsel & have been converted! I don’t believe they will ever order crab cakes from a FL restaurant again. Thank you for creating a delicious, no filler crab cake that brought back so many memories of my years in MD. I have ordered more, although the 6oz since I wasn’t able to finish the 8oz. The leftover made for a nice lunch the next day. KUDOS!!!

  301. Melissa McClellan (verified owner)

    This is my first order of these. They are well worth the money. The whole family is now addicted.

  302. Toninette Holland (verified owner)

    As always delicious,delightful,incredible,and delectable no crab cake better anywhere!Love Jimmy’s crab cakes🤗

  303. julie826720 (verified owner)

    I ordered these for delivery on 4/11. They came on time and were well packed and still very cold. I had 2 of the 8 crab cakes the next day after thawing them out. They were wonderful. So full of crab meat, and zero filling! Can’t wait to have the rest! I will definitely order again.

    I got the 2 for 1 deal (Anniversary special)and it is so worth it!

    Haven’t had the cream of crab soup yet, but will be having that tonight!

  304. Thomas Fenush (verified owner)

    Just found out how to prepare them, so not a 5 star yet. I was totally impressed with your packing process, the cakes were still frozen rock solid. I’m sure I will enjoy!

  305. Sharon Nash (verified owner)

    I ordered the crab cakes while you were doing a buy 4 get 4 free. The crab cakes were delicious and no issues with delivery. I will definitely order them again .

  306. Stanley Turrentine (verified owner)

    I thought the Crab Cakes wouldn’t be as good as actually sitting in restaurant. I was wrong, the CCwere so good I had to order another 8 pack. The Crab dip and pretzel was nice as well.

  307. kjmorris1987 (verified owner)

    Have ordered these many times and will continue to order. Love it!

  308. Janet Branch (verified owner)

    Best crab cakes I have ever had!!!!

  309. NICOLE HORTON (verified owner)

    OMG these are truly delicious!!! Lots of crab meat and no fillers!!

  310. Craig Boehmer (verified owner)

    Amazing crab cakes full of jumbo lump and seasoned just right!!

  311. Cynthia Joyce (verified owner)

    I can’t say enough good things about this company! I am beyond thrilled with the quality of the food and the amazing customer service! I’ve already ordered twice in the past month! I just ordered the 8oz GF crab cakes, and am so excited to try them! They came on time and completely frozen. The packaging was perfect! Jimmy, please consider adding the GF to your birthday celebration next year!

  312. nmyczn1 (verified owner)

    Ordering from Jimmy’s Famous Seafood online was an absolute delight! The website was user-friendly, making it easy to browse their extensive menu and place my order. The anticipation grew as I awaited my delivery, and when it arrived, I was blown away by the freshness and quality of the crab cakes and fish. Each bite of the crab cake was packed with lump crab meat and seasoned to perfection, while the fish was flaky and flavorful. The packaging ensured that everything arrived in pristine condition, and the customer service was top-notch, with timely updates on my order status. Jimmy’s Famous Seafood truly delivered a gourmet seafood experience right to my doorstep, and I can’t wait to order from them again!

  313. Chenise Nu (verified owner)

    My first time sharing this gem with my family and friends. Like me, they were not disappointed. So yummy!!!!!

  314. Chenise Nu (verified owner)

    I’m a regular, so I decided to order for my family and friends. They were amazed at how delicious it was, but not me!

  315. Richard Leisner (verified owner)

    Authentic Maryland crab cakes from the Chesapeake!! Second only to my Grandmother’s who was from the area and made the best ever and can’t be matched, but Jimmy’s are as close as any! Nice lump meat seasoned correctly with appropriate binders so they barely hold together but enough to not fall apart while cooking!
    Jimmy’s is on point with everything!! Selling a superior product, prepared correctly, packaged and shipped more than adequately and on time. Jimmy’s gets five and a half stars out of five in my book and has EARNED a loyal customer!! Thanks to Jimmy and his great TEAM!

  316. saland1 (verified owner)

    I do not write reviews!! However, Living in Houston and so miss a good crab cake even buying crab meat here and trying to replicate the crab taste, Not!! This is the 1st time ordering from Jimmy’s the jumbo lump for Mother’s Day. The crab cakes were beyond expectations and arrived on time and in good order. I will definitely be ordering them again in the future so I can feel the Baltimore experience!! 😊😊😊

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