The Famous Gift Box (Small)

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This Famous Gift box includes:

  • Two World’s Best Colossal Maryland Crab Cakes (8oz) prepared using a blend of colossal, jumbo lump and regular lump fresh crabmeat.
  • A delicious pint of our homemade Maryland Style Crab soup.
  • A pint of our homemade, richly seasoned Cream of Crab soup with delectable morsels of fresh crab meat.
  • A half pint of our thick and creamy crab dip prepared with Cheddar Jack shredded cheese and fresh crab meat, along with a dusting of traditional Old Bay.

Check out our famous gift box unboxing video! * For 2 people. Salad is not included

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111 reviews for The Famous Gift Box (Small)

  1. Snowey (verified owner)

    Everything was so delicious! My rating is 100%

  2. Shawnna Hampton (verified owner)

    The crab cakes were delicious. Having the crab soups were a mouth watering surprise. My husband, an connoisseur of Maryland crab cakes, was beyond satisfied with them.
    I also want to make mention of their superb customer service Dept who assisted when the date of delivery was incorrect. The y responded w/in an hour. I’ll definitely be ordering from here again.

  3. Phillip Reynolds (verified owner)

    Everything was great thank you this was shipped to California my son loved everything

  4. mary e wrightson (verified owner)

    This was sent to my son & daughter-in-law after the death of her grandmother. My son was very pleased and said everything was delicious. A lot better than sending flowers.

  5. Tee (verified owner)

    Really delicious. The Maryland crab soup was sooo good. I have not tried the crab cakes yet but I bet I won’t be disappointed. The seafood salad was delicious as well. I will be ordering again. Thanks

  6. Rita Temes (verified owner)

    I have ordered and sent a combo 3 times as gifts. Never disappointed!

  7. Karen Valentine (verified owner)

    My order was absolutely perfect 👌🏽..

  8. Traci (verified owner)

    This was amazing! Beyond the quality I’d the crab in the crab cakes, both of the soups were amazing. I think one huge surprise to me was the salad dressing! Wow! The crab dip was so delightful with the cream cheese base!

  9. NaSchelle Williams (verified owner)

    Purchased this for my husband and I and let me tell you. We are born and raised Floridians, & we eat crab like other folks eat beef or chicken. This was by far the best crab we have ever had!!!! The crab cake was full of delicious lump meat & the soups were off the chain! This box is generously portioned for 2 people, you will not be disappointed. We will definitely be purchasing this again.

    NaSchelle Williams -Jax Fl

  10. Liz Yourse (verified owner)

    I live in North Carolina and my package came on time and was still frozen. EVERYTHING was delicious and easy to remove from the containers to cookware to heat up. I will definitely re-order from them again.

  11. Gretchen Williams (verified owner)

    Oohh so good the first time I had to try the gift box along with another order of crabs. Wish I was closer..

  12. Mary Clay (verified owner)

    Everything was delicious, I especially enjoyed the Crab Cakes and the Cream of Crab Soup. Not to fond of the Maryland Style Soup, but it was still kinda tasty. I’m placing my next order right now.

  13. laura (verified owner)

    OMG! The crab should not even be called “cakes”. They were all crab, rather than breading. Best I have ever had. The soup was fresh and full of crab and veggies. I used one of the crab dips in between layers of home made mac & cheese. Everything was just amazing.

  14. David Soltanoff (verified owner)

    Everything was excellent!

  15. Steve Heller (verified owner)

    Absolutely delicious. Such a delightful surprise for a shipped meal. Crab dip, cream of crab soup, and crab cakes, in particular, were truly out of this world. Can’t wait to get to the restaurant some day for more of this deliciousness.

  16. Patti Huston (verified owner)

    Everything was wonderful

  17. Amelia Naccarto-Coleman (verified owner)

    Very impressed with the customer service, timely delivery, and safe packaging.The crab cakes were huge! One crab cake was enough for 2 meals. It was almost entirely crab meat….with just enough binder to hold it loosely together. We loved the soups, dip and salad dressing , too. Although we live in California, I will definitely order from Jimmy’s again!

  18. Paul Bodnar (verified owner)

    AMAZING!!! The crab cakes were superb. The Cream of Crab soup was frankly the best I’ve ever had. Excellent crab dip, Maryland Crab Soup and even the tartar sauce. Surprised by the extraordinary quality, and also the great quantity. Thanks!

  19. Kevin Murphy (verified owner)

    The crab cakes were the best my wife and I have ever tasted. And we thought we had identified the very best crab cakes in Baltimore. Now we’ve had to change that opinion.
    The crab dip was a little too rich but delicious.

  20. Henry M Smith (verified owner)

    crabcakes were outstanding and crab soups delicious. I will be ordering again

  21. Carl Raley (verified owner)

    Everything in this box was superb. The crab cakes filled with lump meat were absolutely delicious when baked according to the enclosed instructions. Both soups were great but I’ve never had better cream of crab. The crab dip was a perfect appetizer. Even the bottle of seasoning was perfect to make the unique taste of Maryland crab cakes and soups. I ordered this box to have for our John’s Hopkins University virtual reunion to replace having crab cakes at our annual in-person reunions. It was great choice.

  22. Judy (verified owner)

    Purchased this as a thank you for a Neighbor from Maryland. After she fixed the crab cakes she came over and said she could hardly turn them over because there was no filler to hold them together. What a tribute to your crab cakes-they are the BEST!!!!!

  23. PBarry (verified owner)

    Best Crab Cakes ever!! We will be reordering😃

  24. Julie (verified owner)

    I’ve given this a few times to folks for Christmas and this one was for mothers day and my mom loved it.

  25. Karen Vanover (verified owner)

    the crab cakes were wonderful! All crab meat. The way I like it. I loved the homemade Greek dressing as well.

  26. Gail Murr (verified owner)

    My daughter and family live in SC and LOVE crabs, crab soups and crabcakes. I ordered the large and small Famous Gift Boxes, 2 dozen crabs and mallets. They absolutely LOVED everything!! A huge hit and they said it was all delicious!! I was concerned about having steamed crabs shipped but will definitely do it again. They said everything was perfect, the steamed crabs were delicious and they loved all the crab yumminess!

  27. Patricia Mundell

    Excellent taste, quality and quantity. What more could I ask for?

  28. Scott Morris (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed the gift set both the cream of crab and the chowder were delicious as was the dip….i gotta say though being a west coast guy i am partial to the dungeness crab

  29. Debbie T (verified owner)

    Excellent as always!

  30. Peter Barrio (verified owner)

    This was our 5th or 6th time ordering from Jimmy’s Online. This particular order was a Birthday gift for my sister. We gave her the Small Gift Box sampler. What an amazing way for two people to sample the Crabcakes and everything else Jimmy’s has to offer. My sister loved it and it was her birthday meal. Don’t think twice, these are the BEST Crabcakes anywhere. But that you can have the Jimmy’s experience wherever you live (Georgia) is awesome!!!

  31. Connie Lawson (verified owner)

    We moved to SC from Maryland. We were missing a good crab cake and these did not disappoint they were incredible.

  32. Stacey Phinney (verified owner)

    Everything was delicious. I bought this as a gift for my nephew and he said “great gift”.

  33. Shirley

    I grew up in Baltimore and now live in Florida. Your crab cakes are now at the top of my list as one of the best crab cakes I’ve ever tasted. I will definitely be ordering again.

  34. Niatasha Scruggs (verified owner)

    I ordered the small gift box, and two stuffed shrimp. Delicious, every single thing was delicious. The instructions were simple and easy. I will definitely be ordering again. My mother lives very close to the restaurant in Dundalk Maryland, hopefully next time we go down from New York we can get a seat.

  35. Beverly Hellman (verified owner)

    I ordered this gift box for a Fathers Day meal for my husband. The crab dip was a great starter . The crab cakes were fabulous, large and meaty. And the salad dressing was tasty. I have to admit that we haven’t eaten the soup yet as what we had was plenty for our meal. But we will enjoy them later.

  36. Sarah Long (verified owner)

    Fantastic. I ordered it for Father’s Day for my parents and they were thrilled. It ended up being enough to feed all three of us. Delicious and fresh.

  37. Dana (verified owner)

    We are beyond happy with the fast delivery as well as the flavor and quality of the crab cakes and two different soups. This gift box provides a perfect assortment and we will be ordering it again!

  38. Robert Miller (verified owner)

    Everything was delicious. First time I had crab soup, both were great.

  39. Michael (verified owner)

    Packed wonderfully. Everything was great. The crab cakes were full of big pieces of meat. The soups were really tasty as well. The dip was a hit my son was upset when we ran out. I checked out the recipe for there salad and used the house dressing for that. Definitely will get this again.

  40. Kristina (verified owner)

    AMAZING! I surprised my husband with this crab cake box for his birthday and everything was AWESOME! We live in New Jersey but my husband is from Baltimore, so we have very high standards of Baltimore Crab Cakes. This gift box was perfect! Loved the crab cakes, the crab soups, the crab dip, the specialty dressing and were surprised by the added container of the seasoning! Told our neighbors about it and now we are planning a crab feast soon! Thank you Jimmy’s Famous Seafood! You made our day!

  41. Michele (verified owner)

    Crab dip and soups were delish. Crab cakes had a good taste. Inside of the cakes were not lump crab at all. It was more stringy crab in the middle with a few lumps placed on the outside. It was misleading but they still tasted good. For the price, I thought I was getting all lump crab. I’m still on the fence if I’ll order again.

  42. Amy Adams (verified owner)

    Money can’t buy happiness but it can get you some Jimmy’s Famous Seafood! The crab cakes were heavenly and easy to prepare. Soup was sumptuous and my salad was never better than with the Greek dressing. Katie in customer service is an angel and the shipping was fast and easy. Came beautifully cared for. I loved every morsel and we will be ordering again!

  43. Dolores Statham (verified owner)

    Fantastic. These are the best crab cakes I’ve ever tasted. I’m 75, lived in Maryland all my life, moved to Florida 6 years ago and had these delivered. I know a thing ot two about crab cakes.

  44. Robert Mix (verified owner)

    It was so good I got the $150 next. Just a superior product!

  45. Rodnel williams (verified owner)

    Best seafood in Maryland!!! I order my brother a crab cake every year for his birthday and I ship it to Florida!! He loves it

  46. Todd (verified owner)

    My wife and I lived in Maryland most of our lives! So anything crab must be good. Let me tell you Jimmy’s crab cakes are fantastic! Huge, no filler, fast shipping and with all the extras!! Will be ordering again!!

  47. Robert R. Hurley Sr. (verified owner)

    We received our small box and we had one of the crab soups and I thought we were back in Baltimore! It was delicious as usual! We will be ordering again in the future!

  48. Phyllis (verified owner)

    Everything was delicious,,packaging was top notch, will order again

  49. Rbm (verified owner)

    Wonderful box to send to our Colorado family to kick off the Ravens versus Broncos game! The recipients could not have been happier with the variety of the box! Thank you Jimmy’s Seafood! Never disappointed

  50. Delano Medina (verified owner)

    Everything was good. This is my 3rd time retting this box. Will probably order again

  51. Mark Mears (verified owner)

    Outstanding value and quality. I sent small Famous Gift Boxes to two friends and both were extremely pleased with the gift.

  52. Eileen (verified owner)

    I sent The Small Famous Gift Box to my father in South Carolina for his birthday. For some reason, it did not arrive in 2 days. I called Jimmy’s and they happily resent my order at no cost to me. Excellent customer service!!! My father LOVED the box and asked that I send it every year (and for Christmas, Father’s Day, etc…) Thank you Jimmy’s!

  53. Sheryl Steiner (verified owner)

    This was a gift to my neighbors who said everything was over the top wonderful. The food arrived still frozen and they really enjoyed it. Will order this again in the future.

  54. Jim Washabaugh

    We have eaten at the restaurant in person and loved it. Recently bought the Famous Gift Box and had shipped to our home in Panama City Beach,FL. Everything was outstanding! Can’t say enough. We live on the Gulf of Mexico and the seafood here doesn’t compare to Jimmy’s.

  55. Cheryl Adams (verified owner)

    I sent the small gift box as a gift. I was told that it was delicious. Thank you Jimmy’s

  56. Avis Gilcrist (verified owner)

    I sent the small gift box as an anniversary gift to close family members who also miss Baltimore cuisine from time-to-time…(we all live in Florida now). They loved everything in the box.

    The delivery arrived on time, was well-packed and all ingredients were top quality as expected. Thank you so much for coming through!!

  57. Monica Beczkowski (verified owner)

    Sent the Famous Gift Box to my son and his wife as an anniversary gift along with a dosen crabs. They enjoyed every single part of the package.
    great soup, dip,crabcakes. Great service from an excellent restaurant.

  58. JJ (verified owner)

    Family loved the crab cakes and soups. Some were first-timers to lump crab cakes and they are big fans now! Delivery time was accurate and everything arrived well packed and fresh. Easy instructions for preparation.

  59. Patrick & Lisa Epkins

    My wife and I had this shipped to my father in Alabama for his birthday and he absolutely loves it!!!! 1000% Gonna order another soon for my mother!!!! Great deal!!!

  60. Bryan Lewis (verified owner)

    i got it had a gift wow it’s amazing 100% will buy more

  61. Paul Davis (verified owner)

    Crab Cakes were awesome; Maryland Crab Soup was awesome; Cream of Crab Soup was awesome; seasoning was awesome; Crab Dip was awesome. Haven’t tried the dressing yet, but I’m sure it’s awesome. Major shaht aht you the Pat McAfee Show and Jimmy’s for making this happen. Go Raiders!

  62. Patricia Robinson

    Magnificent!! My daughter knows that I love Crab Cakes and the area of Florida where I live does not know what a Maryland Crab Cake is?? So imagine how excited I was to receive this box yesterday with everything that I love to eat. I am now a Jimmy’s customer for life. Yay!!

  63. Lorraine Kemmerer (verified owner)

    Absolutely fantastically delicious!!! Perfect!!

  64. JEFF (verified owner)

    Sent these as a gift to West Coast – They Loved everything from packaging to instructions and How delicious it all was

  65. Karen George (verified owner)

    I received this box for my birthday and loved it so much, I had to order again. I ordered one as a gift as well. Crab cakes are so so good as well as the dip and soups. Highly recommend it.

  66. Julie (verified owner)

    Bought this for my best friend and her family for Christmas. They can’t wait to dig in.

  67. Bonwyn Matarozza Preis (verified owner)

    The cost of this box was reasonable and the free 2 day shipping was wonderful. My brother was thrilled to receive the box. They enjoyed the crab dip and saving the crabcakes for Christmas!!

  68. Lucille Leduc (verified owner)

    We order from here quite often. Everything is always delicious, on time, and if ever any problems, always taken care of promptly. This order was for my in laws and they loved it!

  69. Greg (verified owner)

    So easy and so good! Perfect for the holidays! Great customer service when I couldn’t figure out the code they emailed and texted me to help me through it.

  70. Kathleen Lyons (verified owner)

    I ordered 3 of these boxes for. 3 different addresses. Everyone raved about the contents. They arrived on the date requested and were packaged beautifully. This is the second year in a row that I ordered for Christmas and will definitely order again.

  71. Kim Rainwater (verified owner)

    The crab cakes are the best I’ve ever had!

  72. Shelley Vermillion (verified owner)

    My husband is a Marylander and we now live in Florida. He received this for his 75th birthday from his siblings and we absolutely loved it. It was so good that I ordered this for my son for Christmas and would recommend to anyone looking for fabulous authentic Maryland 🦀!

  73. Renee Hayden (verified owner)

    New Christmas Eve tradition! Crab cakes were better than any I have had in a restaurant. With the delicious soups and crab dip you can easily get two meals from the one box. The bonus: making Christmas gifting so easy! The boxes I sent to my family were equally appreciated; everyone was very impressed with the quality and flavor. That was my first order but it certainly won’t be my last!

  74. Michelle (verified owner)

    Sent this to my deployed fiancé so he could have a nice Christmas Eve dinner. He loved everything! Was a nice taste of home during his time away. The food was packed nicely and easy to prepare. Everything was great!

  75. Mrs Adams (verified owner)

    The crabcakes were amazing. I liked the Md Soup. I wasn’t a fan of the creamy soup or the dip. My husband enjoyed the dip though to it’s just a matter of preference. Next time I’ll just get crabcake, not the gift box.

  76. Carolyn (verified owner)

    Everything was delicious and an amazing Christmas dinner. The instructions are spot on and so easy. We definitely we order again, and again and again.

  77. MICHELE BANGERT (verified owner)

    This was purchased for a gift, a lovely assortment of crab products. Because of inclement weather, it was not delivered on time. There were worries about the crab’s freshness so even during the busy holiday rush, Megan H. at Jimmy’s made it right and shipped a second box for replacement – it still ended up arriving by Christmas. Rave reviews from the recipients. I’ll be ordering from Jimmy’s again soup!

  78. Darryl (verified owner)

    This was a Christmas gift for my Parents that live in Western Maryland and used to dine @ Jimmy’s when living in Rosedale. We also used to go to Jimmy’s Christmas Eve for “Crabs for Christmas”

    This is the second year I’ve sent this package and they loved it both times! It’s just enough for them with a crab cake to save for another meal. Also, both times delivery was as expected!

  79. Jon Taber

    absolutely fantastic soup, crab cakes, dip & dressing

  80. PZ (verified owner)

    Ordered this for myself but added on a third crab cake. Two of the three were wrapped together in orange bubble wrap, the third separately in clear. Had never ordered online b4 and only ever ate in restaurant in person. I now live in FL so wanted a taste of MD for the holiday that I was certain Jimmy’s could provide. Decided to cook loan crab cake first and save items in gift box for next day. When I opened the container what I saw was a soupy blob where crab was not even visible. I’d never made an online purchase so I wasn’t sure if the product was supposed to arrive like this. I did my best to scoop out the contents which ended up being a big soupy dripping ball, sprinkled some old bay on, (that was mostly floating around in the liquid) and added immediately to pan w/hot oil. There was nothing colossal about this cake which looked a real sloppy mess. I managed to cook enough on either side, using two utensils to turn since it was falling apart fast) and the hot oil managed to create a crust. I then put the flat blob in the oven to cook further. In the end, I got more of a crab pancake and there was little in the way of lump meat…a few pieces but more stringy pieces. The overall flavor was acceptable but it was such a disappointment and not what I thought it should be. The next day decided to cook the two crab cakes that came w/the gift box and wrapped in the orange bubble wrap. I was hoping these two did not look like the one I’d already fixed. When I opened the lids on the two what I saw was totally different inside the container. Staring back was a generous portion of beautiful crab meat lumps w/very little juice in bottom but enough to hold together when I former into a ball. Both containers were the same and the crab was exactly as I’d hoped. I went on to cook them as I’d done the other the day prior and the result was delicious perfection. The rest of the items in the box…both soups and dressing turned out to be great as well. Only thing I haven’t gotten to yet is the crab dip but that’ll be tomorrow. I’m taking all this time to share my experience because I think something wonky happened to the third crab cake, in that it may have been at the bottom of a batch or just poured into container where the succulent pieces of crab meat somehow got left out, IDK, except to say it definitely was not up to par of the other two. Anyway, just wanted to let you know my experience, but also to stress, although I got one bum crab cake, that the rest of the batch was superb. Think it’s understandable I take away one star, don’t you?

    ps My sister, who also lives in FL, ordered a batch of just crab cakes same day as I did to take to a party and she reported all of hers were fantastic!

  81. Kate Seagroves (verified owner)

    Word of the package…DELICIOUS.
    Sent this to my parents for Christmas – Maryland to SC. Crab cakes were huge and provided two nights of dinner. Everything was amazing and sending it was simple.

  82. Brian Robey (verified owner)

    Bought as a gift for my in laws and they loved the entire box!! The crab cakes were so big they were able to make 2 meals out of them and the crab dip and soups were extremely filling and delicious!

  83. Catherine Stinneford PS this was a gift.

    The crab cakes and oysters Rockefeller were outstanding. Soups acceptable, didn’t like the dip. It maybe because how to cook or reheat or length of time were hard to find or understand. For instance “stove pot”. I found it was easier to use the microwave for soups. It was hard to find out how long I could keep them. We could not eat all of that in one sitting.

  84. Sarah Casalvera (verified owner)

    My company sent this gift box to 16 of our employees as a Christmas gift. I was responsible for the ordering and have to say that Katie in customer service was 100% responsive with answering questions, and helping me to get these delivered by the date requested. The crab cakes were amazing, both the soups were delicious and the dip and greek dressing were a hit too. In addition, the packaging was top notch and nobody had an issue with their orders being damaged. We will definitely order again in the future and thanks again to Katie!

  85. mary T washington (verified owner)

    Order arrived on time, and was absolutely delicious!
    Will order again!

  86. Lisa (verified owner)

    I purchased the small gift box for my 81 year old parents to have something on New Years Eve . She loves crab cakes. They both loved all of it. Her friend in California asked her for the link. I would definitely purchase again. For Me this time!!

  87. Carol Dunn (verified owner)

    This was more than enough food for two people! In fact, my husband and I had the soup and crab dip for lunch and then the giant crab cakes for dinner. We spend summers near Ocean City, MD and have tried a lot of different MD crab cakes over the years. We both agreed that these crab cakes were by far the best we’ve ever had!

  88. Mel (verified owner)

    Purchased as a gift for my son and his girlfriend who live out of state now. They said it was delicious. The ordering process and delivery both went very well.

  89. Lou-Ann (verified owner)

    Amazing crabcakes! Will definitely order again. Enjoyed the Crab soups as well. We experienced a little taste of Maryland for our 36th wedding Anniversary. What a treat!

  90. Dianna Stugen (verified owner)

    It was fantastic. Just like being back in Dundalk for the day! I live in NC on the OBX. I can’t order crabcakes. It’s a known fact by all restaurant owners down here that people from MD are crabcake snobs. It really is a MD thing and Jimmy’s is the best! My husband from WI has never cared one way or another about a crabcake anywhere in MD until he had one from Jimmy’s. Can wait until our next order! Love Love Love them!

  91. Bridgett (verified owner)

    I love this, I’m in the mid west and had been dreaming of theses crab cakes everysense my last physical visit years ago and didi not know when I would get back to Maryland. While to my surprise and delight I received a box for Christmas which was so good and enjoyable I order this small box for New Years. Everything in it was so good I know I will Keep ordering. Mouth watering delicious and so enjoyalbe I cant say it enough, Delicious!!!

  92. JudyS (verified owner)

    Jimmy’s NEVER disappoints. Sent small combo box as a get well gift to California. On time and LOVED by recipient. Always a treat!!

  93. Donna Orkin (verified owner)

    Fantastic gift to a neighborhood who helped with my pets when I came to Baltimore for a few days. She ate it for several days and loved everything included. Her reaction was that I had “taken her to Baltimore”!

  94. Ed Swank (verified owner)

    This small box was wonderful for two. The soups were very good and of course the crab cakes were wonderful. But I suggest also getting the Crab Cake Eggrolls. Wow.

  95. Carol England (verified owner)

    Best crab cake EVER! Maryland resident here; I have tried crabcakes everywhere I go. Hands down, the best! Nice to have the option of getting delivery to my door.

  96. Joe Polek (verified owner)

    Great variety! And nothing my crab meat!!! No fillers. My favorite is the Cream of Crab Soup. SOOO good.

  97. LYNDA VENSON (verified owner)

    We have tried so many of your delicious items and we thoroughly enjoyed everyone of them. So much so, that we have continued to order from you since we moved from Maryland to Arizona. Your customer service out ranks many of the companies we have dealt with. You will continue to be our go to seafood restaurant. Thank you for all your wonderful choices.

  98. Judi Wlliams (verified owner)

    Everything was GREAT!! I was showing off for my friends, they were so envious. Will order again!

  99. Pamela Gerbrick (verified owner)

    Amazing gift for friends and family. Always delicious and the add ons( Crab Pretzel, Crab Mac n Cheese) excellent as well!!
    Always use Jimmy’s for great gifts.

  100. cgcrebel1864 (verified owner)

    The colossal crab cakes were the best we’ve ever had!! My husband liked the Maryland crab soup. Everything arrived next day, on time and completely frozen! Still have a crab cake, dip and cream soup to enjoy. Will be ordering from you again! Charla Compton, Virginia

  101. Jae Brattain (verified owner)

    Crab cakes and crab dip were absolutely fantastic. Shipping and packaging great. Everything arrived frozen and in perfect order. In the future, I would probably not get the soups. The Maryland Style Crab soup is mediocre at best and the Cream of Crab was way too salty. We needed to add whole milk to make it palatable. Overall I would order from this company again.

  102. Alison Bosse (verified owner)

    A perfect gift for the friends who deserve something special and unique! I personally have had this gift box & it contains some of the very best of Jimmy’s Seafood. The crab cakes are outstanding, the soups perfect for lunch & the crab dip is great for sharing. We added a crab pretzel too as our recipients have had restaurant pretzels in the past but never one as great as Jimmy’s. This gift pack is highly recommended.

  103. John Godbold (verified owner)

    This was a Mother’s Day gift and was absolutely fabulous!! Came with two awesome crab cakes, soups, and the mouth watering crab dip. Huge hit with mom.

  104. Matt Miller (verified owner)

    Everything in this box is fantastic and worth the money. Such a great variety and high quality. The crab cakes will be the best you’ve ever had.

  105. Linda Bozylinski (verified owner)

    Jimmy’s Seafood made for a perfect Father’s Day gift! The crab cakes and soups were delicious- not a surprise coming from Jimmy’s!! My Virginia relatives were thrilled to revel in the best of Maryland.

  106. James Peters (verified owner)

    As always, Jimmy’s is the best!

  107. Stacy Sarro (verified owner)

    Highly recommend! Food was great. Will order again.

  108. Neal Harris (verified owner)

    Great selection and great tasting food!

  109. Brian Hanes (verified owner)

    Sent it as a gift and they loved it

  110. luv2delvr (verified owner)

    We ordered the gift box with lots of add ons since the whole menu is amazing!! Ordering more for friends, family, and any holiday celebrations!

  111. banksjewels (verified owner)

    The crab cake box was amazing gift for two for Valentine’s gift along with crabquitos
    It was packaged perfect arrived frozen and was delicious 😋.I have received the seafood as a gift and it is delicious
    I was born and raised in Maryland and miss the seafood
    My friend of 50 years gifted me and is so good I am gifting your product
    I will be ordering again

    Thank you

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