Colossal Crab Cakes

FRESH Jumbo Lump Maryland Crab Cakes


(33 customer reviews)
  • 100% Maryland-Style Blue Crab Meat — NEVER FROZEN!
  • Jimmy’s Famous Award-Winning Original Family Recipe
  • Hand-Packed in Baltimore and Delivered Fresh to Your Door


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33 reviews for FRESH Jumbo Lump Maryland Crab Cakes

  1. Krista Potthast-Haynes (verified owner)

    Exceptional. We order Colossal Lump Maryland Crab Cakes and Crab frequently from Jimmy’s and it is ALWAYS fresh and flavorful. The team at Jimmy’s is wonderful, too. They are alwaysa available to assist.

  2. Krista Potthast-Haynes (verified owner)

    We order Colossal Lump Maryland Crab Cakes and Crab frequently from Jimmy’s and it is ALWAYS fresh and flavorful. The team at Jimmy’s is wonderful, too. They are alwaysa available to assist.

  3. cschertel (verified owner)

    I grew up in Maryland, but now live in Montana. My husband orders crabcakes for our family each Christmas as a special treat. Jimmy’s has made our holidays so special…thank you for reminding me of home. Best crabcakes you could ever ask for!

  4. Mary Kemp (verified owner)

    The 32 oz crab cake tub was perfect – we shaped them into eight 4 oz crabcakes and followed your baking instructions. Delicious!

  5. AnneMarie Talty (verified owner)

    By far, the very BEST crab cakes you will find. I have had crab cakes from pillar to post, and nothing compares to these. Order came on time, nicely packed, and fresh.

  6. Patricia Hall

    I order these crab cakes a couple times of year and am never disappointed. They are delectable and pure jumbo lump. As a former Marylander now living in GA, these deliver the taste of home.

    On another note, top notch customer service and communication. Thank you!

  7. Claire Simmons (verified owner)

    I would not buy crab cakes anywhere else! And neither should YOU!! Not Coca-cloa but
    these crab cakes are…….the Real Thing!!!!!

  8. Claire Simmons (verified owner)

    I would not buy crab cakes anywhere else! And neither should YOU!! Not Coca-cola but
    these crab cakes are…….the Real Thing!!!!!

  9. MARCIA ALEXANDER (verified owner)

    Meat was fresh and I followed the baking directions and my crab cakes were DELICIOUS! Everyone talked about how fresh they were and how big they were. The sprinkling of Old Bay seasoning added the perfect finishing touch. Will DEFINITELY order again. Shipping was fast & everything came good & cold. Ordered pretzel & crab cake egg roll as well and can’t wait to try them as well.

  10. Ken Stratton (verified owner)

    Crabcakes are great. Can’t stop ordering them.

  11. yankeegirl242 (verified owner)

    OMG…the best ever. I didn’t add anything or use any dipping sauce. Straight up crabcake. I’m from MD but live in NC now. Ordered 4 and had them 2 nights in a row. I will be ordering more very soon. Reminds me of home.

  12. Glenn Bixler (verified owner)

    I am a “crab cake snob”. If the cake has even a modest amount of filler, I won’t eat it. Having said that, the people at Jimmy’s are magicians. I have a guess at what is holding all this delicious crab together, but it isn’t filler. These crab cakes are outstanding. The cake is all crab. I have told friends and family to order. I will definitely order again.

  13. Jauan Clarke (verified owner)

    I would buy this every week if I could but I have to control myself. Lump crab meat that will fill you up.

  14. Michael Miller (verified owner)

    They are outstanding! Splitting one is perfect size for appetizer for two!

  15. splashview

    Saw the billboard war on TV which was hilarious. Had to get behind Jimmy’s with a first time purchase. Bought the crab cakes for us and the in/laws. We all loved them. I thawed them and put them in the air fryer 380• for 15 minutes with a pat of butter on top of each. Amazing lump crab cakes wonder how they stay together without the filler found in others. Buying more today 😃

  16. mamaportch (verified owner)

    First time Jimmy’s online “order-er”! Definitely will not be the last! Crab cakes were DELICIOUS!!

  17. Michael Redd (verified owner)

    I have ordered several times. The quality is always great.

  18. parowe731 (verified owner)

    So glad I was able to order online and have delivered to California! Excellent crabcakes and service!

  19. panettamj (verified owner)

    My wife and I are originally from Philadelphia. As most people know, Phila has the best cheese steaks! We lived in the Baltimore area for 8 years and found crab cakes to be equal in their reputation. We’re now retired and living in Florida. My wife and me have 6 children but unfortunately don’t live near any of them. On Mother’s Day I sometimes take her out for dinner to help make the day a little more special. My wife hates doing so because of the crowds. This year I order 4 Jumbo Crab cakes from Jimmy’s Famous Seafood. Genius right? I found a way to beat the crowds but what about the quality? Over the years we’ve always looked to find crab cakes to match our memories, but alway we’re disappointed. Wow! What a surprise! Your crab cakes made this an unforgettable day for her and began a tradition that we’ll enjoy for years to come. Anyone thinking about it…do it, you won’t be disappointed!

  20. ga67terp (verified owner)

    We heard about Jimmy’s on Facebook and decided to give the crabcakes a try. Being from Baltimore and having lived in many areas of the country, it is virtually impossible to find really good ones most anywhere. Any restaurant outside of Maryland who advertises “Maryland style crabcakes” is promising more than they usually deliver. Jimmy’s are to die for and we will be ordering again. Thanks for a great product.

  21. Deborah Anderson (verified owner)

    Best crabcakes ever. We order the 62 oz. Fresh Lump Crab Cakes as least 3 time during the summer. Family and friends always rave about them and they are so easy to cook.

  22. Laura Patterson (verified owner)

    Native Marylander here. Been going to Jimmy’s for 30+ years. Started buying the 8 oz crab cakes during Covid from their food truck. Moved to Myrtle Beach in 2021 and have searched high and low for decent crabs. IMPOSSIBLE!! So, we order online from Jimmy’s so that we can get our crab cake fix. It’s so worth the cost and wait time for shipping. Happy is beyond the statement when they arrive. Thank you for being able to ship them. BTW – there’s room for one more crab place in Myrtle Beach. 🙂

  23. Kelley Pruitt (verified owner)

    We order the Fresh Jumbo Lump Maryland Crabcakes. They are the best crabcakes we’ve had. Very little filler…. just succulent jumbo lump crab meat in an enormous cake. They are packed and shipped with extra care by Jimmy’s team. Jimmy’s Famous Seafood is the best!

  24. Laura Schuster (verified owner)

    I order the giant tub & form my own or stuff in jumbo shrimp or lobster tails! We fell in love when my daughter was a travel nurse at John Hopkins. We look forward to birthdays & holidays & have never been disappointed! Excellent quality & customer service.

  25. Stacy Rudnicki (verified owner)

    As always, perfect! Even in the 90°+ heat, our Jimmy’s bucket order was perfect. It arrived still cold and ready to be made into crab cakes. I know SC is s as costal state, but there are no crab cakes that I’ve found here that come close to Jimmy’s!

  26. Jeanine Huebner (verified owner)

    Wow!! Jimmy’s crabcakes are AHHmazing!!! They live up to the hype of NO filler and tons of lump crab meat – so delicious. I am a MD girl living in Atlanta and couldn’t be happier with Jimmy’s. We will be ordering again and again!

  27. Jamie Neuberger (verified owner)

    I always purchase the 64 Oz. Tub of colossal mix. I usually order a few times a year, but always for Christmas, but ordered for Thanksgiving this year as well. Hosted nine people. These were a huge hit again. Being in Key West (originally from the Baltimore area.) this is the only place I’ll buy crabcakes from online. These are by far the best and always makes me feel like home when we enjoy them here!

  28. Hilton Mitchell (verified owner)

    Best crab cake I’ve ever had! Go ahead and get four

  29. William Meek (verified owner)

    Absolutely the best crab cake i have ever tasted. We had them for our Christmas dinner and i immediately ordered more. Easy to prepare and anazing how they held together with almost no filler.

  30. Elves Landrum (verified owner)

    Order of 4-8oz Fresh Crab Cakes was delivered on time, well packed, and frozen. Instructions provided to cook the crab cakes was simple and the finished product was beyond excellent! I had the privilege of dining at Jimmy’s during a visit to Baltimore and had the crab cakes fresh and the ones at home were just as amazing. I will definitely order again and again!

  31. Loretta Coleman (verified owner)

    Delicious 😋

  32. leitstu (verified owner)

    Have ordered numerous times, this is my first review. The product is fantastic always flavorful. Will keep ordering….love it.

  33. Jimmy Thomas (verified owner)

    I grew up in Maryland & now live in Chicago. I order from Jimmy’s several times a year. The items are always very fresh. My orders always consist of the amazing, delicious crab meat! It makes the best crab cakes that are always a hit with family & guests!

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