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Four Colossal Lump Maryland Crab Cakes - 8oz

(35 customer reviews)


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Four World’s Best Colossal Maryland Crab Cakes prepared using a blend of colossal, jumbo lump and regular lump fresh crabmeat.

Checkout our how to cook our crab cakes video.


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Crab Cakes
  • 1/2 Cup Butter
  • 2oz. Water
  • Old Bay Seasoning
  • Shallow Baking Pan
Baked or Broiled
Preheat oven to 450
Reform your crab cakes into a ball or patty shape to ensure the crab cakes do not fall apart while cooking (after all, there isn't much filler)
Place your crab cakes in a shallow baking pan
Pour 1/2 cup melted butter over crab cakes
Pour 2 oz water in the pan
Place the crab cakes in pre-heated oven for 12-15 minutes. Ovens vary!
Dust with old bay seasoning
Deep Fried
Preheat oven to 325
Reform your crab cakes into a ball or patty shape. The crab cakes should be as cold as possible
Fry crab cakes until golden brown, or longer if you like them crunchy
Check internal temperature to be at least 140. If it's not, place in a 350 oven for 5 minutes or until desired temperature is reached
* Smaller crab balls bake at 8-10 minutes.
* Crab cakes can be regridereated for 2-3 days before cooking or can be frozen for up to 2 weeks.

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Over 45 Years Of Excellence

For over 45 years, The Minadakis Family has proudly featured the same award-winning recipe in their colossal sensations. The secret to our success? Quality. We only incorporate the freshest and most reputable ingredients on the market in our masterpieces, ensuring you get the same premium experience each and every time.

Internationally Renowned

Our crab cakes have not only earned every reputable distinction locally in Maryland, but have attained worldwide recognition. Our half-pound of heaven’s been featured on Food Network’s most popular show, “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives,” Travel Channel, Fox & Friends, ESPN, USA Today, CBS, BBC China, and more! What makes our appearances on these shows unique is your ability to have the product shipped to you, rather than circling it on a map!

From Maryland With Love

Each order is personally hand-crafted and carefully packed the same day your order ships, ensuring efficiency and freshness. They make the perfect enhancement for any occasion – whether you’re hosting family for a special occasion, treating yourself, or showing off for friends!


35 reviews for Four Colossal Lump Maryland Crab Cakes – 8oz

  1. Kwiat (verified owner)

    We have ordered these for the first time for Christmas. They were so amazing we ordered again for Valentines. This last order was for an 80th birthday present. I can’t say enough how absolutely wonderful they are.

  2. Janet Perri (verified owner)

    My husband ; I LOVE the crabcakes! It’s our treat to order & enjoy! Worth it! The best I think I ever have eaten!👍👍👍👍👍👍

  3. Mala Tominack (verified owner)

    These crabcakes are simply the best- lots of large lumps of crabmeat and very little filler. We enjoy them baked.

  4. Mary Meloro (verified owner)

    YUMMM…. super lump crab cakes! Sent as a birthday gift. Excellent service and great delivery on the exact date I picked. Can’t beat the service!

  5. DeeDee (verified owner)

    These were ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS! I’m from Southern Maryland but haves lived in upstate New York for years. What they pass off as Maryland style crab cakes really aren’t at all. So it was a real treat to have the real deal. It was my first time ordering from Jimmy’s, but it def won’t be the last time!!

  6. Tom of Claremore, Okalhoma

    excellent service

  7. Mary Cupp (verified owner)

    Our second batch, and as great as the first! Excellent delivery and the ice was still frozen even after crossing the country. The 8 oz was enough to make two crab cakes for two of us, for a birthday treat! Easy to do and easy to cook. The instructions were spot on. A taste of heaven. Thank you.

  8. Ting Lee (verified owner)

    I treated my sister to 4 colossal crab cakes who lives in NY..Her reply was…That’s the greatest tastiest crab cakes she has ever had. Mind you she travels all over working for an airline company. By the way the shipping service was excellent. So treat your love ones who doesn’t live here to a great treat.

  9. Rosa Williams (verified owner)

    10 out of 10

  10. Thomas Balzer (verified owner)

    Wow! The crab cakes were delicious. We loved them so much the first night, we had them again the next night! Next time we go up your way we would love to go to your restaurant. Until then, we’ll order online!

  11. D. Swinson (verified owner)

    This fabulous go to gift is the best! I have ordered the 4 colossal crab cakes 5 times now. They have been sent to Florida, Colorado, Delaware, and yes-Baltimore. They are great as thank you gifts and thinking of you gifts. The recipients are all from the Maryland area and love receiving a reminder of the best crab cakes anywhere! Thanks again!

  12. Joan (verified owner)

    The crab cakes were amazing!! Ordering more now!

  13. Dr. Laurie (verified owner)

    Awesome crab cakes! All crab, no fluff just the way I like them!! They are well seasoned and come with perfect cooking instructions.

  14. Tami

    Received as a gift. Best crab cakes i’ve ever eaten. I live near Baltimore so i will definitely visit the restaurant.

  15. Cynthia Stewart (verified owner)

    I order at lesst once from Jimmy’s. I usually order crab cakes to be shipped to my home address. Great food with prices

  16. Douglas Hall

    If it pleases the mother-in-law then it must be awesome. She has been so disappointed at restaurants over the years when we order crab cakes that I decided to give her Jimmy’s Crab Cakes. So, I bought her Jimmy’s Crab Cakes and she said “they are the best she ever had” with a huge smile on her face. That says a lot for her critical foodie personality. You can’t go wrong with Jimmy’s crab cakes. The whole family goes nuts over these cakes.

  17. Colleen Dalcanton (verified owner)

    Perfect. Made my Easter dinner a success!

  18. John Lamon (verified owner)

    Sent Crab Cakes to my son in San Jose – made his Easter weekend so GREAT!! Said they were the best ever and could I send more!……Of course!!

  19. Sandy Carbotti (verified owner)

    Easter in California with MD crab cakes from Jimmy’s..what could be better😄

  20. Darryl G. (verified owner)

    Just GREAT!!! We enjoyed them to the fullest!

  21. Theresa H

    The crab cakes are so good! They were easy to prepare and huge. There’s no fillers it’s all crab meat. It’s worth the buy.

  22. Kerry (verified owner)

    You can’t go wrong with these crab cakes, all lump crab meat, no extra fillers, simply delicious. As a Marylander living out of state, I order them and have them shipped often, they are a little taste of home.

  23. Marny Britt (verified owner)

    I’m from Maryland now living in NC and miss my REAL Maryland crabcakes! I’ve ordered from several places in MD and these were by far the best and at a very reasonable price. Full of sweet lumps of tender crab. Well seasoned but not overpowering to let the crab be the star! Will be ordering again! And again! And then again!

  24. Teresa (verified owner)

    These Crab Cakes are the best I just received my second order and so excited. To order online and get delivery to my home is great, the freshness and meaty cakes is fantastic!

  25. HENRY Mitchell (verified owner)

    Had 6 crab cakes , and one of the Crab Egg Rolls delivered to Cape Coral (Southwest Florida) as always:


  26. Stephanie Pratt (verified owner)

    My Sister and Brother loved the Crab Cakes. They said they were amazing.
    Very very pleased.

  27. Daniel Robert Coffman (verified owner)

    Best crab cakes I’ve ever tasted!! 99% crab meat 1% filler. They come in four plastic containers of 8 ounces each, perfect for making one large crab cake or two 4 ounce cakes. Four ounces were just the right size so I got 8 crab cakes out of my order. Well worth it , I highly recommend “Jimmy’s Crab Cakes”!!!

  28. Jolie Ancel (verified owner)

    I am a native Baltimore gal, now living in Los Angeles. One of the things I miss the most, is the blue crab. I’ve tried crab cakes from restaurants and markets…..they are full of fillers. So not worth it! Jimmy’s crab cakes are all lump crab meat…So delicious….and with free 2-day shipping, it’s such a great taste of home!

  29. Steph Filaski (verified owner)

    OMG, these crabcakes are delicious. Best Crabcake ever. Very fresh – great taste and not much filler! Perfect!! Delivered on time. Will buy again.

  30. Stacy Rudnicki (verified owner)

    These people are amazing!! Over and above. We had a problem with a gift order. Not their fault. It was the fault of the delivery service. They went over and above to make it right. It’s no wonder we keep coming back for more! Best crab cakes and best service! Thank you! Stacy from SC

  31. Scott Valentine (verified owner)

    I bought these for my wife’s birthday, they were absolutely awesome!!! 2 crab cakes is a full pound, no breadcrumbs, all crab. Customer service was excellent as well, they took care of everything, we will be back

  32. Nancy (verified owner)

    Ordered super lump crab cakes for my son’s 35th birthday.Delivery great and crab cakes excellent,little filler and true Maryland quality. Will definitely order again!

  33. Dixon Walker (verified owner)

    best crab cakes ever. At our age (80 and 85) we make 3 smaller ones from one colossal and with a salad a healthy and wonderful dinner. Worth the splurge!

  34. Sandra Gallagher (verified owner)

    Best Crab Cakes EVER! Thank you and please continue to make them.

  35. Charleen Shook (verified owner)

    The crab cake were delicious!

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