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Orders over $125+ Coupon Code: CRABBINFEVER

The Famous Gift Box (Large)


This Famous Gift box includes:

  • Four  World’s Best Colossal Maryland Crab Cakes (8oz) prepared using a blend of colossal, jumbo lump and regular lump fresh crabmeat.
  • Two delicious pints of our homemade Maryland Style Crab soup
  • Two pints of our homemade rich and delicately seasoned Cream of Crab soup with delectable morsels of fresh lump crabmeat
  • One pint of our thick creamy crab dip prepared with Cheddar Jack shredded cheese and fresh lump crab meat with a dusting of Old Bay.
  • 8 oz. of seafood seasoning
  • One pint our famous creamy house dressing

* For 4 people. Salad not included


Popular Add-Ons

Crab Cakes
  • 1/2 Cup Butter
  • 2oz. Water
  • Old Bay Seasoning
  • Shallow Baking Pan
Baked or Broiled
Preheat oven to 450
Reform your crab cakes into a ball or patty shape to ensure the crab cakes do not fall apart while cooking (after all, there isn't much filler)
Place your crab cakes in a shallow baking pan
Pour 1/2 cup melted butter over crab cakes
Pour 2 oz water in the pan
Place the crab cakes in pre-heated oven for 12-15 minutes. Ovens vary!
Dust with old bay seasoning
Deep Fried
Preheat oven to 325
Reform your crab cakes into a ball or patty shape. The crab cakes should be as cold as possible
Fry crab cakes until golden brown, or longer if you like them crunchy
Check internal temperature to be at least 140. If it's not, place in a 350 oven for 5 minutes or until desired temperature is reached
* Smaller crab balls bake at 8-10 minutes.
* Crab cakes can be regridereated for 2-3 days before cooking or can be frozen for up to 2 weeks.

How-To Videos

Over 45 Years Of Excellence

For over 45 years, The Minadakis Family has proudly featured the same award-winning recipe in their colossal sensations. The secret to our success? Quality. We only incorporate the freshest and most reputable ingredients on the market in our masterpieces, ensuring you get the same premium experience each and every time.

Internationally Renowned

Our crab cakes have not only earned every reputable distinction locally in Maryland, but have attained worldwide recognition. Our half-pound of heaven’s been featured on Food Network’s most popular show, “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives,” Travel Channel, Fox & Friends, ESPN, USA Today, CBS, BBC China, and more! What makes our appearances on these shows unique is your ability to have the product shipped to you, rather than circling it on a map!

From Maryland With Love

Each order is personally hand-crafted and carefully packed the same day your order ships, ensuring efficiency and freshness. They make the perfect enhancement for any occasion – whether you’re hosting family for a special occasion, treating yourself, or showing off for friends!


63 reviews for The Famous Gift Box (Large)

  1. Tracey Fitzpatrick Lawrence (verified owner)

    This was the best gift to randomly send 2 of my sons who no longer live in MD and miss the crab cakes, soup, dip and crabs! They both said the crab cakes were pure lump crab meat, no fillers, the soups were beyond expectations and the dip was just incredible. I wasn’t able to purchase a gift box for me and my husband but I received greater joy in knowing from my sons that this was “the best gift idea ever” especially for those of us who miss our MD crabs/food. Thank you, Katie, for working with me in surprising my sons!!


    Outstanding food at a very reasonable cost.
    Extremely happy with my Large Famous Gift Box Purchase

  3. Will Kimmey

    Crab cakes and cream of crab soup are excellent. The salad dressing is a take or leave it. The MD Crab Soup was decent, though overly salty. The dip was solid. Overall, a decent grouping though it seems overpriced.

  4. Laura M. (verified owner)

    Greatly pleased with my purchase of a Gift Box. It was shipped to my daughter, who made welcomed her first child, a health baby boy. She loved first, receiving a meal she didn’t have to prepare during her adjustment to being a new mother and secondly, a taste of Maryland. She and her husband enjoyed everything. They commented your soups where the best they every had. Thank you, job well done.

  5. Susan E Miller (verified owner)

    gift box was great. crab egg rolls were great, but thought size was small for price.

  6. Kenyatta Carrasquillo (verified owner)

    Hands down the best I have had in a long time. Delicious 😋. The Famous gift box was for my husband. He really enjoyed the variety. The pice was decent. The sizes were even better. Large crab bites!!!

  7. Terri Swartz (verified owner)

    My younger daughter now lives in California and her sister and I just flew out there for her surprise engagement/birthday celebration. Her fiancé’s family were amazing hosts, so as a thank you we sent them this taste of Maryland. They LOVED it and were beyond thrilled. My family loves Jimmy’s Seafood and are happy to support this local franchise. I have sent boxes to both of my girls and they are always a big hit!! Thank you for your delicious food, wonderful service and all the great things you do for our community!!

  8. B Hayes (verified owner)

    Sent this Gift Box to Florida for Mother’s Day. Delivered on time as promised. Wife’s mom (and step-dad) were thrilled. A couple of days after delivery, they told us, “the crab cakes were perfect.”

  9. Joe Bender (verified owner)

    Maryland raised, living in SC and Jimmy’s allows the hometown taste and memories to be preserved and passed on to my children! You won’t be disappointed, you will tell your friends and order often!

  10. Gail Murr (verified owner)

    My daughter and family live in SC and LOVE crabs, crab soups and crabcakes. I ordered the large and small Famous Gift Boxes, 2 dozen crabs and mallets. They absolutely LOVED everything!! A huge hit and they said it was all delicious!! I was concerned about having steamed crabs shipped but will definitely do it again. They said everything was perfect, the steamed crabs were delicious and they loved all the crab yumminess!

  11. Bruce Stover (verified owner)

    We sent the Famous Box to our friends who hosted us down on Lake Norman the weekend before with terrific NC BBQ. What better way to return the favor, than with a taste of the Land of Pleasant Living! They LOVED the crab cakes and the salad dressing! Soups were a hit with their kids as well. You can NEVER go wrong with a gift from Jimmy’s!

  12. Kathleen Odunne (verified owner)

    Sent this to my daughter as a gift and she loved it! She misses crab cakes from Maryland and she said these were delicious (no filler and huge chunks or crab). The extras in the gift box made such a wonderful meal for her. We will definitely send this gift box again.

  13. Stephanie A de la Cruz (verified owner)

    My daughter lives in Wisconsin now. She was recently home in MD, and the one thing she missed the most was Jimmy’s Seafood crabcakes, soups, and crab dip. She recently graduated from college, so I surprised her and her boyfriend with a graduation dinner from Jimmy’s. They said everything came packaged well and dinner was absolutely delicious! I will be surprising her with steamed crabs soon! It was the best gift idea for sure.

  14. Brent Flaskerud (verified owner)

    Thanks to Jimmy’s for making Mother’s Day special for my mother. It was so easy to order on line and have it delivered across the country. We have used other company’s crab cake delivery service but the crab cakes and soups from Jimmy’s are by far the best of all of them. This is the best displaced MD folks can order for delivery!

  15. Stacie Airth (verified owner)

    Gifted a friend who moved from md to Cali. She absolutely loved them! The process was seamless. And when I emailed regarding a question about tracking it was answered very promptly.

  16. David Susman (verified owner)

    everything was delicious and plentiful
    I am picky and I enjoyed it immensely

    have reordered for me and family for holidaze

  17. David Susman (verified owner)

    I tried the Famous and I can see why.
    Everything arrived refrigerated- ready to prepare and enjoy.
    Couldn’t have been easier to prepare.

    Great Value, AWESOME QUA;ITY, and will use them again for me and for all future gifts for friends/family

    The soups and seasoning-ROCKS!!!

  18. Amy Butterfield (verified owner)

    I got for my Brother’s 50 th who now lives in Arizona – originally from Maryland – He was in HEAVEN !!! – Thank you to Jimmy’s Seafood –

  19. Austin (verified owner)

    I sent this to friends in Charleston SC as a thank you. Gift was received a celebrated! Thanks

  20. judy a greene (verified owner)

    judy greene(april 2021) I sent my son in Bronx ny the 180 box for four. I alway sent them pappas,but I thought I would try Jimmys Guest which one was the best ,hands down jimmy was my son favorite and his two kids were crazy about there food. thanks again I will now send jimmys only.

  21. Molly Crismond

    Bought this for my dad for Father’s Day. He’s super hard to buy for but loves crab cakes and soup so it was perfect. Fantastic gift that you are guaranteed the receiver will enjoy.

  22. Chris Lopez (verified owner)

    Fast. Quality. Full of crab meat. 🔥

  23. Gary Osgood (verified owner)

    Let’s start with shipping.
    Two items came in cracked containers.
    One crab cake and one soup were in broken containers and had to be trashed.
    As for the food, all items were the best we have ever had from any seafood vendor.
    Would order again and again, just order less so packaging does not come in to play.

  24. David Susman

    seven repeat orders for me and family.
    everyone looooooved it!

    Soups are flavorfull and Brownie cake rules!!!
    Thank you for making a virtual road trip a little easier

  25. Bill Hallam

    Absolutely delicious!!! The crab cakes were amazing; more crab than filler (as a good crab cake should be). The Famous Gift Box (Large) was a gift. It was so good, we ordered the box for friends.

  26. Carroll Eggleton Chase

    I sent this out to Washington state for my sons birthday. he absolutely loved it. It is a big box of happinesd and it was delivered at correct time. Overall very pleased with the product and the service. Was nice that I could track the package.

  27. J Walston

    Sent to my relatives in Arizona for birthdays for the second year. The former Marylanders said it was delicious! I will continue to send this gift. Great job packing snd getting it to thrm on date expected.

  28. Kelli McHugh (verified owner)

    Blown away! The crab cakes were so good, there was absolutely no filler. 100% all crabmeat. This package is totally worth a try at least 1x.

  29. Edward Corcoran (verified owner)


  30. Tim (verified owner)

    Excellent! Worth every penny.

  31. Sandra Gallagher (verified owner)

    Never a disappointment! Always the best crab cakes and soups! Worth the price. Thanks as always!

  32. john crowley (verified owner)

    Ordered this for my son who lives in Balt. The order was delivered on time and everyone raved about the quality of the food.

  33. Rich (verified owner)

    The food was good, but I was concerned about the packaging. The boxes were bubble wrapped, which is necessary, but seemed too thick for the cooling packets to adequately keep cold. There were no issues with freshness, but had there been a delay, I would be concerned about the shipment arriving in a spoiled state. Packaging could be better

  34. Mia (verified owner)

    This was a gift for our boss during Boss’s day and she absolutely raved about it, especially the lump crab cakes!

  35. David Susman (verified owner)

    5th lg box and it is always wonderful
    Can be pricey, but well worth the $$$ for a great dinner item that everyone will love!

  36. Gregory Savastano (verified owner)

    Expensive but the crab cakes and crab chowder were very good. The Crab soup wasn’t bad but preferred the chowder.

  37. Curt Ross (verified owner)

    Everything I received was excellent. Fresh and tasty. Didn’t receive the seafood seasoning in my package so that was a disappointment.

  38. szabo3503 (verified owner)

    I moved to Marietta, Georgia in 2011 from Maryland we get our crab fix from Jimmy’s Famous Seafood quite regularly. They are the absolute best everybody down here is hooked on Jimmy’s 🦀🦀🦀

  39. Max C. (verified owner)

    The crab cakes were fantastic as always!! The soups were alright, and unfortunately the crab dip was subpar. not sure if it was just the batch, because ours was sent the Monday before Thanksgiving, but they also messed up our soup order as well. Wife grew up in Baltimore, so ordered this to have a MD-themed Thanksgiving dinner in Texas.

  40. Lisa Clesner

    Like many before me, I was aware that a dear friend, a long time Baltimore MD resident had moved and missed having crab cakes, crab soup from Jimmy’s. Her health has made it impossible for a quick visit so we sent the things she missed to her. She called when she received the package. The UPS man carried the package into the house and she cried as she unpacked the gift box. Thank you for helping us make her birthday something special.

  41. Kelly Wallace (verified owner)

    During a visit to our family in Tampa during Thanksgiving they mentioned how difficult it is to find or get tasty crabmeat products in Florida. So we decided to send them your Famous Gift Box as a reward for their hospitality during our recent stay. They were amazed at the size and portions included in the gift box, and stretched the contents out for two nights between the four of them to enjoy.

  42. mike strubel (verified owner)

    very impressed my sister loved everything

  43. Judy Matukaitis (verified owner)

    This is the best deal you get the best of everything You get tve fabulous crab cakes The fantastic soup. I love the crab dip It’s just the best of all products

  44. Judy Matukaitis (verified owner)

    This is the best deal you get the best of everything You get tve fabulous crab cakes The fantastic soup. I love the crab dip It’s just the best of all products The shipping is fast also

  45. Judy Matukaitis (verified owner)

    This is the best deal you get the best of everything You get tve fabulous crab cakes The fantastic soup. I love the crab dip. I sent this to my daughter in Florida and she loves this selection too

  46. Ellen Doub (verified owner)

    The order was delivered to Oklahoma on the day expected. Well packaged! Purchased for our family while we were visiting. We miss our Baltimore visits so this was next best! Crab cakes are outstanding. Large container of seasoning which I think is better than Old Bay. Maryland Crab soup was a bit spicy for me, others reported the cream of crab was bland (just add seasoning!). Dip was a bit runny but delicious. Huge container of salad dressing. I will definitely be ordering more crab cakes in the future! This deal included free shipping, which was a huge savings. Thank you Jimmy’s!

  47. Susan Lucht (verified owner)

    This is the second year that I have purchased the famous gift box for the crab cake lovers in my family. The crab cakes are “enormous and outstanding”, according to the recipient. I highly recommend Jimmys for price and excellent quality!

  48. Matthew Savoury (verified owner)

    I moved to Baltimore in August and my family in NY are seafood fiends. I decided this would be the best local gift for them, and I was right. About 10 minutes after I got the notification that the box was delivered I called my Mom and with a mouth full of food she said “THIS IS THE GREATEST GIFT YOU’VE EVER GIVEN US!” my sister had already started on the soup, and my brother in law was chipping away at the crab dip. If you really want to drop a bounty upon a loved one, get them a box of Jimmy’s! You guys made my Christmas.

  49. Randall Dodson (verified owner)

    Top quality product and shipped on time! Two things that are not a guarantee anymore! I have used Jimmy’s several times to ship MD food boxes to “Ex MD” residents. Each time, the box has arrived in good shape, with all the contents as promised, and still cold/frozen (even when I have shipped to Arizona). Jimmy’s keeps you posted with the progress of the order. I have not had a complaint from the recipients, only glowing compliments!

  50. Joseph Riley (verified owner)

    I’ve been sending my sister in Atlanta a gift package for her birthday the last three years. Being originally from Baltimore she really enjoys the variety of things that I have sent her.

  51. Jennifer (verified owner)

    Delicious! Order was delivered as scheduled and was carefully packed. The included cooking directions made for the most delicious crab cakes. I have put the crab dip on everything and the soups put a smile on my face. Best MD seafood option when living out of state!

  52. Ronald Johnson (verified owner)

    I ordered your products for my church Pastor and his wife , and one for me and my wife. The crab cakes were great and full of meat , both soups were excellent , I didn’t have rom for the dip as of yet. My Pastor and wife enjoyed theirs to, it was the best Christmas gift they got.

  53. Marcia Halbert (verified owner)

    I bought a large and small gift box and served it for our Christmas Eve dinner. It was great for me (I didn’t have too much prep time) and my kids loved it. I also bought a gift certificate for each of the kids for part of their gift. I am planning to try to do this again !!!

  54. Carrol Rehbein (verified owner)

    This box was AMAZING!!! I got it for my aunt and had it shipped to her, she couldn’t dial my number fast enough to thank me. This box was so good, it was packed with all the legendary foods Jimmy’s is so known for. The big crab cakes, the Maryland crab soup, cream of crab soup, amazing crab dip, the house dressing and the bottle of seasoning. I can’t thank you guys enough for the amazing job you do with these packages. My fiancé had one sent to his sister in FL and one sent to his boss and his wife. Awesome price too. You all make it so easy to just love you, your food, your staff and fast service. Thank you so much

  55. John Woodring (verified owner)

    Sent the Famous Gift box to family in the Rocky Mountains for a Christmas gift was incredibly delicious gift. 2 day delivery of a great East Coast delicacy. Highly recommended!!

  56. Randi Wetzel (verified owner)

    Our second time ordering this incredible variety box. Everything is really delicious.

  57. Heather (verified owner)

    Everything was great! Family enjoyed this for Christmas dinner!

  58. K. Carson (verified owner)

    Since we had a COVID Christmas (only 4 of us), we decided to get the gift box instead of preparing a typical Christmas dinner. Everything was delicious including the house dressing for our salad. The favorites were the crab cakes and the cream of crab soup – phenomenal! We will definitely order again!

  59. George (verified owner)

    Thanks for bringing a little bit of Baltimore to California for Christmas! Jimmy’s was on point as usual.

  60. BOB KOVACH (verified owner)

    Great food. Got 2 large combo boxes for Wigilia (Polish for Christmas Eve dinner) It has been a Christmas and/or New Years tradition for the last few years. Had 12 people this year, mixed soups together, split some of the huge, filling crab cakes. Meal was enjoyed by all. Everyone is looking forward to our next occasion

  61. Sandy Zentz (verified owner)

    I ordered the large gift box so I could add to my dinner on Christmas day. My family was surprised to see what I had done. All of the food was absolutely incredible, especially the awesome crab cakes. Can’t wait to do this again! I love that it was delivered on time too. Thank you and Happy New Year!

  62. Rene S (verified owner)

    My husband is from Baltimore and has been to your restaurant many times. I was scrolling on Facebook and your ad caught my eye…THANK GOD! I ordered the large Famous Gift Box for our Christmas Dinner. We received our order Christmas Eve and I was impressed by how well everything was packed. No damage, No Leaks. All the soups, crab dip & crab cakes were awesome!!! Seriously, the best I’ve had in years (even when I lived in OC). All was seasoned perfect and didn’t have one shell in any of it. You made our Christmas dinner very special in Indiana, Thank you. You don’t know how much we missed some true MD crab bakes. Loved it so much, 3 days later after receiving my first box, I placed another order for New Years. I can’t thank you enough.

  63. Susan Harmon (verified owner)

    The Famous Gift Box (Large) was an outstanding surprise Christmas Eve dinner. All 3 of us thought the colossal crab cakes were the best we had ever eaten (and we are all from Maryland). The soups, crab dip and special Greek salad dressing were the perfect accompaniments to top off the dinner. Since there were only 3 of us we had enough for another meal. So good! We will definitely do this again. Actually, we already ordered Colossal Crab Cakes and raw oysters for New Years Eve!

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