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Orders over $125+ Coupon Code: CRABBINFEVER

Colossal/Jumbo Lump Maryland Crab Cake Mix

(30 customer reviews)


Handmade Colossal Lump Jumbo Fresh Maryland Style Crab Mix. Make any size crab cakes you want!


Check out our how to cook our crab cakes video


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Crab Cakes
  • 1/2 Cup Butter
  • 2oz. Water
  • Old Bay Seasoning
  • Shallow Baking Pan
Baked or Broiled
Preheat oven to 450
Reform your crab cakes into a ball or patty shape to ensure the crab cakes do not fall apart while cooking (after all, there isn't much filler)
Place your crab cakes in a shallow baking pan
Pour 1/2 cup melted butter over crab cakes
Pour 2 oz water in the pan
Place the crab cakes in pre-heated oven for 12-15 minutes. Ovens vary!
Dust with old bay seasoning
Deep Fried
Preheat oven to 325
Reform your crab cakes into a ball or patty shape. The crab cakes should be as cold as possible
Fry crab cakes until golden brown, or longer if you like them crunchy
Check internal temperature to be at least 140. If it's not, place in a 350 oven for 5 minutes or until desired temperature is reached
* Smaller crab balls bake at 8-10 minutes.
* Crab cakes can be regridereated for 2-3 days before cooking or can be frozen for up to 2 weeks.

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Over 45 Years Of Excellence

For over 45 years, The Minadakis Family has proudly featured the same award-winning recipe in their colossal sensations. The secret to our success? Quality. We only incorporate the freshest and most reputable ingredients on the market in our masterpieces, ensuring you get the same premium experience each and every time.

Internationally Renowned

Our crab cakes have not only earned every reputable distinction locally in Maryland, but have attained worldwide recognition. Our half-pound of heaven’s been featured on Food Network’s most popular show, “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives,” Travel Channel, Fox & Friends, ESPN, USA Today, CBS, BBC China, and more! What makes our appearances on these shows unique is your ability to have the product shipped to you, rather than circling it on a map!

From Maryland With Love

Each order is personally hand-crafted and carefully packed the same day your order ships, ensuring efficiency and freshness. They make the perfect enhancement for any occasion – whether you’re hosting family for a special occasion, treating yourself, or showing off for friends!


30 reviews for Colossal/Jumbo Lump Maryland Crab Cake Mix

  1. Sandy (verified owner)

    Perfect for making crabcakes the size you prefer. All jumbo lump and no filler.

  2. Bob Albright Sr (verified owner)

    The best Maryland crab cake mix ever !👍😄

  3. Mike Burke (verified owner)

    Fabulous product. We have tried these wonderful crab cakes hot and cold — both wonderful. Oven and stove top — both wonderful. There is no better way to make a salad scrumptious than adding Jimmy’s crab cakes. Jimmy’s is the key to enjoyable dining in.

  4. Deb

    “THE BEST” Maryland crab cake we have ever had! And their steamed crabs are fantastic! We do carryout when we are on our boat and have the crab cakes and crabs shipped to our home when we are not. The crab soup is delicious. Thank you for offering top notch food! Got us through the pandemic when we could not go out to eat.

  5. Rajiv Mehta (verified owner)

    best Crab cakes ever!!

  6. Patricia Gregor (verified owner)

    We had our order sent to New Mexico. It came on time and packed well .Some of the people we had over for dinner said they were the best crab cakes they had ever had , very little filling. Tasted fresh just like we were home.

  7. Janet M (verified owner)

    These crab cakes are dabomb.com! I thought I knew what crab cakes tasted like. Then my husband, a Baltimore native, introduced me to Jimmy’s crab cakes. It was love at first bite. We live in Charlotte NC and I order at least once a month some crab cakes and crab cake egg rolls. I even got my coworkers hooked. The only regret you’ll have is not trying it out for yourself.

  8. Linda Pickin (verified owner)

    Absolutely, the best crab cakes. My 89-year-old father never liked a crab cake as much as his mother used to make him while growing up in Baltimore until he had one from Jimmy’s. Everyone raves and enjoys them. Well done to Jimmy’s Seafood crew.

  9. Tom

    Crab cakes are the best. Since i discovered you guys last year I’ve ordered over $1000 in crab cakes being shipped to us in sunny Florida

  10. George Perry (verified owner)

    Wow!! What can I say. Will be ordering again real soon. And costumer service is almost as good as the crab and that is saying a lot. Thanks, Al Perry

  11. Sidney (verified owner)

    The best crab cake I’ve ever had. I love that its more crab than filler. Absolute Best!!!

  12. Stephen Baker

    As a crabcake connoisseur I have had crabcakes from Maine, Galveston Texas to Bodega Bay California . I ordered these and I have declare Jimmy’s are the best crabcakes I’ve ever had. Yes even better than the ones I make myself. These are nothing but pure crap and a single cake is heavenly meal .

  13. Richard Irrgang (verified owner)

    The best crab cake I’ve ever eated. Not the chepest but the best

  14. Richard Irrgang (verified owner)

    The best crab cake I’ve ever eaten. Not the cheapest but the best

  15. Cee (verified owner)

    So delicious, I will order more ❤❤

  16. Lezli Waller (verified owner)

    Fast and safe shipping all the way to California! Saw Jimmy’s on Triple D and knew I wanted to gift the best-looking crabcakes to my husband for Fathers Day. The crab cakes did not disappoint, absolutely delicious and worth every penny will order again!

  17. Lori (verified owner)

    We absolutely love them! They are wonderful every single time ! Having tonight and can’t wait !

  18. Dawn Ritchey (verified owner)

    Absolutely hands down best crab cakes ever! This is the second order I had delivered and I am always following the trucks when they hit Columbia, MD.. Keep up the excellent work!

  19. Valerie Goguen

    I’ve ordered the pre-made crab cakes but this time ordered the crab cake mix for my Mom’ s birthday party. Everyone absolutely loved the crab cakes and I was able to make them a smaller shareable size. Highly recommend!

  20. Andrea Johnson (verified owner)

    Sent to friend that moved from Baltimore to NC. She was over the moon with a little taste of home. Delicious! Thanks for great fresh Crabmeat.

  21. Latrice Adams (verified owner)

    I wanted to see cheer to my sister and parents in Iowa and my great nephew in Oklahoma. It was music to my ears when my mom told me my sister who’s battling cancer and having intense chemo treatments went back for 2nds. She enjoyed the non-traditional treat while missing her family on Thanksgiving Day. Superb service and certainly the best way to order as you make the crabcake as big or small as you like. Will certainly order more for Christmas❤️.

  22. p rb (verified owner)

    A Baltimore native long living in San Francisco, I ordered them for my birthday and will re-order when my kids come for Xmas from Colorado. We all adore crab cakes. Will do stove top cooking next time, as the oven technique was not ideal.

  23. Lisa L Holmes (verified owner)

    I ordered this for my sister-in-law and her husband so she could have a Maryland meal in Florida They loved it all crab cakes and cream of crab soup thank you for allowing me to give such it should give such a good and personal gift

  24. Mike and Kim (verified owner)

    We are on the coast of NC and catch and make our own crab cakes. So we are very picky. We sent your crab cakes last year as a Christmas gift to family in Texas and they were a hit. Decided to send again this year and hoped they were as good as last year. They said they were great again and commented on how impressed they were with the packaging this year. Won’t hesitate to send again. Thanks for such a quality product.

  25. Heidi Amelang (verified owner)

    It’s just ridiculous how awesome this mix is! Easy to make. Easy to eat. Hard to share. Ha ha

  26. Zach (verified owner)

    Absolutely wonderful! Definitely a family favorite for Christmas Eve dinner.

  27. Pat (verified owner)

    Fantastic! Delicious Maryland crab cakes with the family in Arizona…perfect!

  28. Charles Fallang (verified owner)

    Thumbs-up all around at our house. I am the only person in our group who is not native or hasn’t spent decades in MD but I know what I like in a crab cake, and these were outstanding. The rest of the group was like, you know, “It’s Jimmy’s Famous.”

  29. Karen H

    Perfect for making exactly the right size for everyone on Christmas!

  30. Jack (verified owner)

    Jumbo lump crab cake mixture was sooo easy to prepare and the taste was amazing. Will definitely do this again for family and friends

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