Luke McFadden’s Steamed Crabs


We’ve brought CrabTok all the way to The Famous! Internet Crabber sensation Luke McFadden is here to bring our loyal Famous Family a limited edition partnership! Boasting a following of over 1.4 million people, Luke’s grown to be a familiar face online nationwide. Have a piece of the Chesapeake Bay, Luke’s Way- through good old Maryland Steamed Crabs!

Crabs orders come with mallets and crab paper.

Luke’s crabs must be delivered by overnight shipping on Thursday or two day shipping Friday-Saturday.

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The delivery date selected at checkout cannot be guaranteed for steamed crabs, as crab availability varies daily. If we cannot provide crabs for a requested delivery date, we will ship them as soon as they become available.

Cooking Instructions

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  1. Transfer into a pot to a steam. Use a rack to keep the crabs above water level. Feel free to put a little beer and vinegar in the water as well as some extra seaoning!
  2. Reheat 5-7 minutes.
  • If microwaving crabs, cover with a wet towel and microwave for 1-2 minutes.
  • For either method, test a claw to check if the meat is hot, but careful not to dry them out!
  • Crabs can be eaten at room temperature. We suggest eating the crabs within 2 days to ensure freshness.

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2 reviews for Luke McFadden’s Steamed Crabs

  1. gabbyquintanilha

    If you haven’t bought them yet GO AND BUY THEM THESE ARE SOME OF THE BEST CRABS OUT THERE !!!! We stopped by and got some and let me just say DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. glurie9006 (verified owner)

    Ordered Luke’s crabs steamed today from Jimmy’s Seafood and they came out great! The packaging was great and crabs were huge, heavy and seasoned perfectly! I loved all the extra goodies in the box (seasoning, bibs, stickers…etc). If you can’t get to Luke’s to buy them direct or just don’t want to deal with steaming them yourself, this is a great option!! 🦀🦀

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