Extra Large Male Crabs


Measure 6 1/2″ to 7″

Disclaimer: A substitution for a smaller size may be made*

*Gluten Free

Earn up to 530 Points.

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The delivery date selected at checkout cannot be guaranteed for steamed crabs, as crab availability varies daily. If we cannot provide crabs for a requested delivery date, we will ship them as soon as they become available.

Cooking Instructions

Steamed Crabs

Video Cooking Instructions Stove Top Cooking Instructions You Will Need: Stove Pot
  1. Bring your Pot to a steam. Use a Rack to keep the crabs above water level.  
  2. Feel free to put a little beer and vinegar in the water as well as some extra seasoning!
  3. Reheat 5-7 minutes.
If microwaving crabs, cover with a wet towel and microwave for 1-2 minutes.
  1. For either method, test a claw to check if the meat is hot, but be careful not to dry them out!
  2. Crabs can be eaten at room temperature. We suggest eating the crabs within 2 days to ensure freshness.

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4 reviews for Extra Large Male Crabs

  1. Jason Mitchell (verified owner)

    Jimmy’s is a top-notch business with great customer service. The crabs are great, and I appreciate the thought that goes into how they ship them. As a Baltimorean transplanted to Arizona, I love being able to get steamed crabs even though I live across the country.

  2. Michelle Souder (verified owner)

    Man oh man. These crabs were so meaty and big and filling. I can’t imagine going anywhere else but Jimmy’s for steamed crabs from now on, even though we have so many local places at our disposal. Primo!

  3. Jaclyn Richardson (verified owner)

    They were outstanding

  4. Phyllis Whitfield (verified owner)

    Jimmy’s did it again. The crabs are so good, meaty, heavy (my husband’s input), and tasty. I tried ordering from the other guy last time and decided I gotta stick with what works and Jimmy’s works for our family.

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