Game of Thrones March-20


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Before reading any further, rest assured that the ending of this Game of Thrones Event won’t suck.
Prepare yourself for the new “House of the Dragon” HBO Show by taking part in Thrones Trivia at The Famous! Our Sunday Funday Trivia Parties are widely considered the most entertaining & authentic experiences in the state – and this installment promises to be no different!
Brush up on your knowledge of Arya Stark, Jon Snow, Tywin Lannister, and all the other characters you grew to love (or hate) over the years! Study the map of The Seven Kingdoms, brush up on your Dothraki, and borrow $8 from The Iron Bank of Bravos! Only 60 seats are available for this, so grab reserve yours now!
Construct your House, and prepare to fly your banner. Teams can range in size from 2 members all the way to 10. The top 3 teams will receive amazing prizes – including wine bottles (stolen from Cersei), Funko Pops, and more! The game lasts 2 hours in total – and features plenty of twists & turns. Most importantly, you get free shots!
We’ll also feature a Thrones-Themed Specials Menu, consisting of delicious culinary options and cocktails that would certainly receive Tyrion’s approval!
This is family-friendly, and open to all ages! We’ll decorate the room, too – but let’s hope dragonfire doesn’t lay our best-laid plans to rest! Only one team will sit on The Iron Throne when the dust settles.
Valar Morghulis