Marvel Trivia Aug-7


Marvel Fans – Unite at The Famous! The time has come to once again assemble for a spectacular round of themed trivia at your favorite establishment.
Spend your Sunday afternoon testing your knowledge of your favorite Marvel heroes & villains on the brand new second floor Jimmy’s LIVE Bar! You’ll be treated to a very special Marvel-themed food and drink menu, compete for absolutely amazing prizes, and enjoy some of your most beloved cartoons & movies on the screens, too!

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We’ll be decking the room out Marvel style, in our efforts to bring The Marvel Universe right here to Maryland! As always, our totally rad Trivia Host, Big Mike, will navigate you through 2 hours of puzzling questions and thrilling quizzes!
As always, we invite you to put together your super team, ranging in size from 2-10 members! Come up with a catchy name, and prepare for battle! This event is extremely family-friendly, meaning all ages are invited to enter!
From Spider-Man to Logan to Omega Red to Thanos – we’re covering all bases and eras, so don’t expect a walk in the park! Find out why this edition of themed trivia is traditionally one of the most popular and sign up now! Marvel & Jimmy’s – a true super team!
Enter your squad now and #GetFamous!